The plant with a 'rare' ability that could transform your sleep revealed

A special plant has a "rare" ability that could transform your sleep, if you keep it in your bedroom.

The snake plant does not only look great, it could improve your life by pumping oxygen into your abode.

Unlike other plants it releases all its oxygen at night, so you get an extra boost of the stuff of life.

Having a plentiful supply of oxygen while you sleep helps you to slumber better, and improves mood and mental alertness the next day.

Lower levels of oxygen can result in a headache when you wake up, and higher levels encourages the brain to stay in deeper and more restorative sleep, studies have suggested.

Patch Plants says: "The snake plant is made of tough stuff. It grows primarily across Africa, in very dry conditions.

"It’s used to places so hot that during the day it keeps all its pores completely closed, so it doesn’t lose any water to evaporation.

"When the temperature cools at night, its pores open, releasing all the oxygen its been holding in."

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For every 150 grams of plant, 32 grams of oxygen are released – each day an adult consumes around 550 litres of oxygen.

Not only can this plant provide an oxygen-rich environment at night, it also removes harmful chemicals from the air.

Things like xylene, trichloroethylene, toluene, benzene and formaldehyde are filtered out by the special plant.

Sleep hacks, and how to improve your slumber, has been a hot topic for weary Brits.

We've previously told how the key to nodding off quickly is relaxing in the hour or so before bed, says the 'Sleep Geek' James Wilson.

In fact, the sleep practitioner and co-founder of Beingwell said it doesn’t even matter what time you go to bed, as long as the body is wound down first.

He said to fill a hot water bottle with lukewarm water, then rest your bare feet on it while you chill out. 

It comes after James gave a natural remedy that could help snorers.

He told The Sun: “You can take a spoonful of olive oil because it's anti-inflammatory and that reduces the snoring.

“From experience, it’s not nice or tasty. It doesn’t stop it all together, or for everyone.

“But for a lot of people it gives your partner enough time to get to sleep before you start snoring.”

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