There’s A Super New Moon AND A Solar Eclipse Happening Saturday—Here’s What It Means For Your Sign

Mark your calendar for Saturday: there’s a sh*t ton of astrological activity that’s going to rock your world.

The short version: there’s going to be a super new moon in Leo on August 11. This happens the same day as a partial solar eclipse. AND the Perseid meteor shower is happening that night, too. Oh, and Mercury is still in retrograde (until August 19!)

Soooo…there’s a lot going down on the 11th. But what does it all mean for your horoscope?

Typically, new moons signal a time to chill and think about life, and maybe even throw some meditation into the mix. (This one is “super” because it’s happening when the moon is very close to Earth in its orbit, according to NASA, making the moon look bigger.) But Leo is a powerful sign, which makes this a little more intense than your usual new moon.

During this particular new moon, you’ll feel like you have one last chance to get in touch with your heart and what makes you happy, says Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counseling psychology. You’ll also start to feel some serious self-love and self-acceptance vibes—like, dance-naked-in-the-rain levels of self love.

Page says the eclipse (where the moon will partially cover the sun as they pass each other in orbit) basically super-charges this new moon…as if it wasn’t intense enough! You’ll feel an urge to take care of what’s in the past, and look forward to the future. What is it in your life right now that’s small or seemingly insignificant that you’d love to let grow more? Now’s the time to really think about that.

Everyone is going to be impacted by this but some signs will feel it more than others, Page says. There’s Leo (for obvious reasons), but also Aquarius, which is opposite Leo. Taurus and Scorpio are fellow “fixed” signs like Leo (meaning they tend to really want life to be a certain way), and will feel more of a pull to be wild, adventurous, and start something new and significant in their lives.

So yeah, this isn’t your basic Saturday.

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