These embarrassing shopping bags aim to shame people into using less plastic

Plenty of deterrents have been introduced in the last few years to get people to stop using plastic bags.

There’s the mandatory 5p charge, and bags are now hard to find at tills too – often you have to ask a member of staff if you want one.

But this might just be the best deterrent yet – one Canadian shop has plastered its plastic bags with really embarrassing slogans, in the hope that people will be too ashamed to use them.

East West Market in Vancouver printed the bags in a bid to get customers to remember to bring reusable bags when they do their shopping – to avoid having to hurry home red-faced.

The bags include the phrases; ‘The Colon Care co-op’, ‘Into the Weird Adult Video Emporium,’ and ‘Dr. Toews’ Wart Ointment Wholesale’.

Yeah, we don’t really want to be spotted carrying any of them.

‘The message is, we should make a conscious effort to save our planet one step at a time,’ East West owner David Lee Kwen told Global News.

‘[Plastic bags] are a big problem, and every step helps.’

But, although the intentions were incredibly honourable, the drive to cut down plastic use with these blush-worthy bags is actually backfiring.

Turns out – we can’t be shamed.

Rather than being embarrassed, people love the quirky bags and are attempting to collect the set of three. The exact opposite of what the market were hoping to achieve.

But not everyone is eager to get their hands on the embarrassing bags – the extra charge of five cents is still putting plenty of people off. So that’s something.

The bags are limited edition so they won’t be around for long – but they have certainly generated conversation and awareness about single-use plastic.

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