This is the one thing Post Malone won’t wear

Post Malone has a taste for the finer things in life.

According to his stylist Catherine Hahn, the 23-year-old rapper — known for his over-the-top, colorful custom clothing — not only has great taste but also a penchant for high-end labels, like Saint Laurent and Tom Ford.

But even though Malone loves fancy threads, Hahn says there’s very little the “Better Now” singer won’t wear. “We always have lots of options there, and he can go through a rack of clothes and just on sight be like, I like that, I don’t like that.”

But there’s one style she’s been unsuccessfully attempting to integrate into his wardrobe: “I’m always pushing fringe on him and he doesn’t like fringe,” Hahn added. “I’m going to get fringe on him one of these days.”

Hahn also faced another sartorial challenge recently when the musician was prepping for a performance and “the creative called for him to be in all black and I was like, all black?! I don’t know think I can do that! We don’t do that. Can we cover it in sequins?”

Luckily, it all worked out in the end. “He wore all black and he looked so good,” Hahn said. “Anything he puts on, he pulls it off.”

She’s also enjoyed watching the press begin to recognize just how chic Malone has always been, saying, “He’s always done his own thing, musically and in his fashion. He’s definitely not doing what everyone else is doing, but I think it’s been fun to see his name in Vogue or GQ. It’s cool that he’s now also getting recognized for his look and his fashion.”

Concluded Hahn, “Sometimes I’m like, oh my god, is this the one, have we gone too far? Like the happy face [suit] at the VMAs. But also, who cares? As long as he likes it.”

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