This Winter Will Be Filled With Flip-Flopping Weather , According to a Forecast by Farmers’ Almanac

This year’s winter is going filled with a lot of surprises. A new report released by the Farmers’ Almanac forecasting the upcoming winter seasons hints that the weather will be flip-flopping between many different temperatures. Here are some of the changes you can expect for the upcoming winter.

January Will Be Filled With Rain, Snow, and Ice

The forecast shows that much of the U.S. will start out with relatively mild weather but temperatures will start to plummet in the new year. You can expect to see a lot of ice, sleet, snow and rain, and a blizzard in the Rockies and Northern Plains in January.

Expect Strong Winds, Rain, and Snow In February

Precipitation will decrease from January levels in the eastern third of the country. However, certain parts of the U.S. this will likely not be the case. The Ohio Valley and Northeast can expect a “winter whopper” of a snowstorm, Meanwhile, the west coast will be hit with heavy rains, snow, and strong winds.

March Will Be Winter’s Last Hurrah

After several months of unpredictable weather, winter will make its climactic end in March. The month starts out with seemingly normal perception but near the middle of the month, chaos will ensue as the east and far Midwest will be hit with a massive winter storm and nor’easter by the end of the month.

You can find the full winter season forecast here.

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