Three-Year-Old Baby Spared as Gunman Executes Five Relatives in Milwaukee

The baby was found alive and unharmed in a house full of dead bodies.

Police in Milwaukee discovered five bodies in a house after a man phoned to confess his family was dead.

Officers responding to the 911 call on Monday arrived to the home to find five people shot dead, ranging in age from 14 to 41.

A three-year-old baby was found alive and unharmed, whom investigators believe was spared by the gunman.

Law enforcement sources told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the suspect was 43-year-old Christopher P. Stokes.

According to Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales, the suspect told the dispatcher over the phone "his family was dead."

His relation to the victims, and their relation to each other, has not yet been established; but police are treating it as an act of family violence.

"They are all known to each other, and that’s what we’re investigating, the relationship between all of them," Morales added.

As crowds of mourners and onlookers gathered outside the home on Monday, police said the situation became "volatile", and were forced to break up a number of fights.

According to the Sentinel, Stokes has a history of domestic violence convictions, and was arrested for felony child abuse as far back as 1997.

Because of the domestic violence convictions, he was prohibited from owning guns.

The incident is only the second most deadly mass shooting in Milwaukee in the space of two months.

In February, six people — including the gunman — were killed at the Molson Coors Brewery when a sacked employee opened fire, a ten minute drive from where Monday’s attack occurred.

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