TikTok Star Charli DAmelio Made A Jaw Dropping $17.5 Million In 2021

TikTok phenomenon Charli D’Amelio may only be 17 years old, but the content creator is already raking in more money than even some of the country’s top executives. The teen star ended the year as the most subscribed person on the platform and has $17.5 million in the bank to show for it.

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D’Amelio, who first registered on the video-sharing app in 2019, has taken the platform by storm. The video maker became the first user to hit the 50 million subscriber milestone, only to blaze right past that and become the first to also hit 100 million.

Today the teen has about 134 million subscribers.

The number of eyes on D’Amelio has made her a valuable asset to companies wanting to advertise their products to a young audience, and the creator certainly hasn’t shied away from those lucrative business deals.

According to Forbes, a single post by the influencer could fetch as much as $500,000. But she’s likely pulling in between $100,000 to $250,000 per sponsored post.

D’Amelio has dealt with companies like Invisalign, Morphe Cosmetics, and Dunkin’, among others. It’s easy to see why companies are paying the young star to hawk their products, as CNN reported that Amelio’s endorsement of Invisalign’s Clear Aligners saw purchases from teenagers increase 26% in a single quarter in 2020. That’s a substantial increase and probably encouraged additional brands to flock to influencers.

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Fame runs in the family, or so it appears. The influencers sister, Dixie D’Amelio, has about 57 million followers. Like her sister, she also has a few brand deals with companies like Hollister. Though she only managed to pull in $2.9 million last year, a paltry amount next to her sister.

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Furthermore, the success of D’Amelio and her sister on TikTok helped the influencer pair land a reality TV show with their family which airs on Hulu. It was recently renewed for a second season, though it’s not known how much the family is getting for the spot.

For D’Amelio, dancing on TikTok has become a profitable business model. The median pay of an S&P 500 company is about $13.4 million, less than what the teen pulls in. In fact, she makes more than the CEO of Starbucks, and nearly 50% more than Chris Kempczinski, the CEO of McDonalds.

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