Tiny & T.I. Inseparable Again: Why Their ‘Connection’ Has Helped Her Forgive His Cheating

Nope, this isn’t some knee slapper. T.I. has fully been forgiven for being a butt slapper! Find out the only reason why Tiny forgave T.I. for his betrayal.

We didn’t want to get our hopes up about the reunion between TamekaTiny” Harris, 43, and T.I., 37. Now, we can confidently assure you that Tiny’s not just tolerating her husband of eight years. She’s fully in love, just like she was before all the scandals surfaced! “Tiny and T.I. are so back on track, they’re practically inseparable these days,” a friend of Tiny tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Tiny has pretty much forgiven T.I. for cheating but there are days it still haunts her.”

Tiny’s probably praying she won’t have to dial that private investigator again. You know, the one who could’ve caught on to T.I.’s alleged affair with Bernice Burgo, 38, in 2017. Tiny didn’t specify when she hired the sleuth’s services on the July 1 premiere of Kandi Koated Nights. “She lives with her fears of him cheating again because what they have together is just so damn good,” Tiny’s friend adds. “Tiny says no man has ever satisfied her the way T.I. does.” We can tell something was working, besides that ginormous flower arrangement on Tiny’s Instagram Story on Aug. 2. Yes, we’re assuming that was her husband’s doing, given that it was their eighth wedding anniversary two days before that. But it took much more than flowers and bedroom therapy to repair their relationship.

“But their connection is way deeper than sex — it’s a soul connection. Tiny says that’s the reason she can forgive T.I. for cheating,” the friend goes on. So, there’s the real answer: soulmates can’t be kept apart. Nothing serves as better evidence to that after seeing Tiny backstage at Dave Chappelle’s show — where T.I. made an appearance — at Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia on Aug. 15. But you couldn’t really see her, as she was too busy proudly filming her husband on Instagram! She even hollered out her support for all to hear.

We’re so happy to hear that Tiny and T.I. are no longer on the rocks. On top of Tiny filing for divorce in 2016 and T.I.’s alleged affair from 2017, The Shade Room posted a video of the “Whatever You Like” rapper slapping an unidentified woman’s butt on June 16, a day after he wrote a scathing rant about marriage on Instagram. “What exactly does marriage offer men today? Men know there’s a good chance they’ll lose their friends, their respect, their space, their sex life, their money and — if it all goes wrong — their family,” he wrote. Yikes! Well, we’re confident he doesn’t feel that way anymore.

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