Unfortunate signage placement leads to X-rated display at Costa coffee shop

A sharp eyed coffee lover spotted an unfortunate signage placement at his local Costa drive thru – and the X-rated double meaning cracked people up.

The customer took a snap of the funny sign and posted in the CasualUK subform on Reddit.

He explained that every time he went to the coffee shop he laughed at the cheeky sign which should read “pick me up”.

However, a jutting stone awning covered the base of the P when he drove closer to it, meaning the sign actually said “D**k me up”.

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The customer captioned the photo: “This unfortunate sign placement at Costa makes me laugh every time I see it, there's no way someone put that up and decided there is nothing wrong.”

People joked about the cheeky slip up in the comments – and hilarity ensued.

One person laughingly wrote: “D**k me up! Before you go go!”

“I'll have 2 Lattes and a D**k Me Up please,” added another.

A third commented: “I don’t know what is weirder.

“The font design or the fact Drive through coffee shops exist.”

And a Costa worker chimed in with their opinion, and added: “As a worker at a drive thru Costa I can tell you we don’t know this is even there, definitely checking if my store has it when I’m next in though.”

While another person mentioned a funny sign they’d seen themselves and commented: “Those Tesco delivery vans that say ‘freshly clicked’ on them always make me laugh.

“It's so close to "freshly d**ked.”

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