Waitress warned off taking new job because of where her tips go

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As a server or bartender, tips are an important part of the job.

Not only are many restaurant workers on low salaries, they often find themselves on zero hour contracts due to the unstable nature of the job.

But customers tips can help ease the pain, especially in America where wages can be shockingly low.

One woman considering a bartending job asked for advice on Facebook after learning about their tipping policy – and was very grateful that she had.

She explained that she was looking for a job that would work around her children's at home school schedule.

But a text explaining the details of her job revealed she would not get to keep her tips, as they would be donated to charity instead. 

The message said: "We are looking for a part-time bartender (10-15 hours per week).

"We pay a $14 hour living wage to start and tips go to a differing charity each month.

"Are you interested in talking by phone? Thanks for your time, and I hope to hear from you."

While a very generous policy, many were concerned that this would leave the woman with too little to live on, making it unsustainable.

The woman asked: "I need an opinion. I have a little bartending experience but just a day or two here or there.

"I’m currently not working and have been wanting to bartend more, when I’ve bar tended I preferred it to serving.

"Should I just take it and get some experience and work another job on top of it?

"I’m only working nights/weekends right now due to my kids e learning. I’m so torn."

Many warned her against the job – with one person simply advising: "RUN."

Another added: "I probably wouldnt even message them back."

A third person said: "Nope. Industry workers are already so badly abused and taken advantage of.

"Now "hey we are forcing you to give part of your salary to charity!" Nope nope nope."

One waitress questioned: "Is this a real thing? I NEVER seen some s*** like this.

"What if you make 200 in tips? Imagine giving 200$ away to get basically close to nothing. HELL NO."

But another person was less wary, commenting: "Seems chill. Probably a good starting place for bartending.

"They probably have their own training program."

In a follow-up comment, the woman confirmed that she had turned down the job offer.

She wrote: "I turned it down after getting a reply saying all tips everyday go to charity.

"They said their employees like that arrangement because then they have hourly either way.

"But yeah no at 10 hours it’s not really worth it."

And she had some good news to share: "Thanks everyone, I held out and I literally just accepted a bartending job at this nice ass fine dining place!"

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