WATCH: California Dog Duo Set World Record for Most Tricks Performed by Two Dogs in 60 Seconds

Don't blink, or you might miss one of Wish and Halo's tricks.

According to Guinness World Records, the dog duo recently set the world record for the most tricks performed by two dogs in one minute. The border collies achieved the feat by successfully pulling off 28 tricks together in just under 60 seconds.

Emily Larlham, a dog trainer based out of El Cajon, California, led Wish and Halo to victory by using positive reinforcement to train the pair. The record-setting run occurred on Dec. 22, 2020, and luckily, was filmed so we can all enjoy these impressive pooches.

Along with setting the trick record, Wish also recently broke the record for the fastest 5-meter crawl by a dog, putting the new number to beat at 2.175 seconds.

While not all dogs can be record breakers, Larlham is dedicated to helping pet owners bring out the best in their pooches and themselves. The dog trainer has over 350 tutorial videos on her YouTube channel, so dog owners can learn for free how to train their dogs to do tricks, break bad habits and, stay active and happy.

Larlham's progressive reinforcement approach to dog training means that she doesn't use "any form of physical or psychological intimidation" to get pooches to learn new behaviors, according to Guinness World Records, instead, she rewards her canine clients with praise and treats to help them learn.

Wish and Halo's record is one of several new animal feats that Guinness has recently announced. On Wednesday, 40-year-old Rhino, a rhinoceros iguana living at the Australia Zoo, was named the oldest known rhinoceros iguana in the world. The Irwins, who own the Australia Zoo, presented the certificate to Rhino.

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