Wendy Williams Shades Ex-Husband Kevin As She Reveals She Would ‘Marry Again’ On One Condition

Wendy Williams is single and ready to mingle! The talk show host also revealed what she’s looking for in a man.

Wendy Williams, 55, would consider getting married again — but she’s got some conditions. “As long as he can pay his own bills, because I’m over that. Pay your own bills!” she told Jimmy Fallon, seemingly throwing some shade at her ex-husband Kevin Hunter Sr., 47! “And with two sentences…what’s yours is yours, what’s mine is mine — and I don’t want to live with you. You have your place, I have my place,” she also added.

The talk show host is fresh off her divorce which was finalized just days ago. “After nine months yes, I am fully divorced,” she continued in the interview, which aired on Jan. 23. “The new chapter has been so lovely…it was 25 years, I don’t regret it…but sometimes people on with their lives. I no longer live in Jersey. It’s Wendy in the city.” Though she’s only been officially divorced for a few days, the New Jersey native is definitely ready to mingle — but revealed she isn’t on any online dating apps! “No, not [on Tinder]…I like eye to eye contact,” she admitted. “Yeah, I date – but I love my career,” she also added, revealing that it is difficult to find love in the public eye.

As for what she might be looking for, the 55-year-old “doesn’t have a type” when it comes to men. “I’ve grown — I used to never date a short man because I’m 5’11”,” she continued. “I’ll date a short guy. You realize even in give minutes, even the worst guy visually — if he’s got game, I’m in…I’m a wife, not a girlfriend!”

The talk show host is also back on the market officially as her divorce from ex-husband Kevin Hunter Sr., 47, was finalized on Jan. 22. The pair were married for 21 years and share one son, Kevin Hunter Jr., 19. The sale from their previous home in Livingston, New Jersey will reportedly be split between the exes, according to paperwork obtained by TMZ, while Wendy will hang on to their Florida place. To make things more complicated, the former couple also founded Wendy Williams Productions together during their marriage. Kevin was fired as executive producer from The Wendy Williams Show after cheating rumors surfaced in April 2019, and will allegedly be paying her ex-husband a lump sum and severance package.

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