What can I clean my TV screen with? The FOUR best solutions

Samsung introduce their new QLED 8K television

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TV screens have a dust problem; particles stick to the surface and cling for dear life. While people can clean them as much as they want, the screens will always attract more thanks to their engineering. Static generated by the monitor’s inner wiring will continue to pull orbiting dust.

What can you use to clean a TV?

Like any electrical equipment, the components which power a TV generate voltage, which, in turn, also builds static electricity.

The buildup means light matter such as dust particles easily stick to the screen, obscuring the image without regular cleaning.

While many modern screens use a lower voltage, the problem remains, but cleaning is relatively easy.

Express.co.uk has four solutions you should try to wipe that screen clean – without risking it being damaged.

Using a dry cloth

The first port of call for TV cleaning is an anti-static cloth.

Anti-static microfibre cloths are readily available and often included with TV purchases.

These cloths are the same people use to clean their glasses and prize dust and debris with little effort.

But cleaners should ensure they gently wipe the screen to avoid causing damage.

Using a duster

Where securing a microfibre cloth is difficult, a duster will do a similar job.

Feather or otherwise, as the name suggests, they also effectively clean dust.

They might not clean as well as cloths, however, especially without anti-static qualities.

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Using liquid

Many cleaning kits come with a bottle of spray people can use to give screens a deeper clean.

Most TV manufacturers recommend against using liquid to clean, even if a cloth is barely damp, but smudges and other marks won’t come off without it.

Experts recommend using distilled water or specifically crafted solutions designed for HDTV or computer monitors.

House cleaning

If accumulating dust becomes a recurring problem, it is best to address at its source.

Regular house cleaning will ensure there is less dust to attach itself to the TV.

Opening the windows also establishes airflow, which prevents dust and dirt buildup.

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