What next for Donald Trump, Melania and Ivanka after 2020 election loss?

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Perhaps Donald Trump will be successful in his legal challenges and take to the White House again. He has over 70 days before the inauguration to do so, or decide on his next career move.

One expert predicted the President will not be looking to make this easy for his successor Joe Biden, 77.

“Whatever he does will be meant to undermine the incoming Biden administration.

“That includes working to make the climb as steep as possible for the rival he’s depicted as a semi-senile incompetent. He will want only one thing: to see his successor fail,” expert Rajan Menon told The Nation.

With the presidency comes a big job to do and a home to live in, the White House.

Presuming he does not win back the presidency with his legal challenges, Donald will be leaving his current home soon.

It seems unlikely Donald and his wife Melania will remain in Washington. Donald only moved there on his election and his wife Melania did not follow him til sometime after.

Previously the family has seemed very happy splitting their time between New York and Palm Beach.

Donald Trump has spent the vast majority of his life in New York City where he has a number of properties include the famous Trump Tower.

He grew up in Jamaica Estates in Queens and after university lived in a studio in Manhattan.

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His permanent residence has been a three level penthouse in Trump Tower, since the building was completed in 1983.

However, in 2019 he changed his primary residence to his Florida estate of Mar-a-Lago.

The Trump Tower penthouse is Louis XIV-style, incredibly lavish, over the top and a perfect example of 80s tastes. It features furniture trimmed in gold and marble floors, crystal chandeliers and bronze statues. The interior was designed by Angelo Donghia who also worked for Liza Minneli and Diana Ross.

The penthouse is said to be worth $100 million.

Mar-a-Lago, on the other hand, is a private members club built in 1927.

It was bought by Trump in 1985 for $10 million, reportedly. It is where he and Melania were married in 2005 and where they spent their honeymoon so hold precious memories for the pair.

Donald and Melania have private quarters, thought little more has been revealed about them.

However, the estate clearly is inspired by Spanish architecture and it’s name is also Spanish, meaning “sea to lake”.

Inside there are gold-plated designs on the wall.

Perhaps Donald and Melania will choose to wind down from the past four years in sunny Palm Beach.

Though Donald is 74 he doesn’t seem to have his mind on retirement, despite having more than enough money to do it incredibly comfortably.

What job might Donald choose to pick up, beside owning his current business empire?

Perhaps “The Don” will return to The Apprentice. It would certainly be the first time a former-president became a head judge on a reality TV programme.

CNN writer Chirs Cillizza predicted the mogul may choose to run his own Trump News Network, continuing in politics in some form although not in a publicly elected role.

As for his daughter Ivanka, 39, it is has been widely speculated she will run for office. The model-turned-businesswoman-turned-advisor-to-the-president has been a hit among many Trump supporters.

Donald Trump Jr appeared to suggested he might run in 2024, posting on Instagram with a sign appearing to support his candidacy.

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