Why Meghan Markle Isn't Wearing Her Engagement Ring on Her Africa Tour

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are currently on the second day of their tour of Africa, and eagle-eyed royal fans may have noticed that the Duchess of Sussex has been photographed throughout the trip without her engagement ring and diamond eternity band.

During her outings for the last two days, Meghan has been seen wearing just her wedding band and what looks like a new Jennifer Meyer band, according to Hello!

Meghan Markle

A source told Hello! that it's because the Sussexes are trying to be as "low-key" as possible during their trip, especially during meet-and-greets with the public. If that's the case, it certainly lines up with reports that they're trying to be informal on the tour, opting to eschew protocol such as having people bow and curtsy to them or be addressed as "Your Royal Highness.

On Tuesday, Meghan stepped out with Prince Harry in a casual outfit with black pants, the white button-up shirt from her Smart Works collection, and a denim jacket (reportedly from Madewell and still available for $118). The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent the first part of their day at Monwabisi Beach in South Africa to see the work of Waves for Change, an organization that supports local surf mentors to provide mental health services for young people. 

During the engagement, Meghan spoke of the importance of dealing with the stigma around mental health: "Globally I think there’s a bit of a consciousness crisis, and so the fact we’re able to be here together to see on the ground so much good work that’s being done, just because people are willing to talk to each other about it and someone’s willing to listen is huge."

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

"And that can apply to being here, certainly can apply to being in London, L.A. — doesn’t matter where you are we’re all sort of trying to power through and find some optimism," she added. 

Meghan and Harry also took a moment to gush over each other during the event. Ash Heese, a Waves for Change employee, told Town & Country that Meghan said "parenting is a new strength that she and Harry are learning and developing."

"She said he’s the best dad, and he said she’s the best mum," Heese added.

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