Why Stretching before you go to the gym is so important

Did you know how important it is to stretch before exercise? The truth is, not many people do.

The excuses are fairly common: “I didn’t have time”. Or even, “I’ll stretch when I get home”.

The problem is these excuses can create injury. Trust me, I’ve had my fair share.

Before joining the fitness industry, I worked out between five and six days a week – but never stretched.

As time passed, I got to the point of not being able to walk. I strained tendons in both of my knees – at the same time.

Eventually I visited a physio, Nick Karaiskos, in Essex.

He got me through it and 80% of what we focused on was different stretching techniques and 20% strengthening.

From not being able to walk with comfort, to walking normally in just six weeks. But it could – and should – have been avoided.

So, how do you use the right stretches that is associated with knee pain?

Think of everything that is connected to your knee: Quadriceps (front leg), Hamstring (back of leg), hips (front and back) and calf.

Stretching is a must for everyone – and not just for athletes or people who train frequently.

What it does is really help with muscle flexibility, reduces muscular pain, improves health and enhances range of motion.

It also reduces risk of injury, improves blood flow and circulation, enhances performance and minimises wear and tear on joints.

Pretty key you’d agree, right?


If you’re sitting in an office all day and you get lower back pain its normally due to you sitting in one position.

Get up touch your toes, twist your torso from side to side (you might even hear it click).

Females have a common problem in tight hips, mainly because of wearing high heels (your hips tilt forward) or because they cross their legs while seated. That’s fine – but just remember to swap what legs your crossing throughout the day.

And, arguably most importantly, take two minutes out of your day to stretch your hips.

Stretching will go a long way to helping you get results.

Nicola Martin is a personal trainer based in UAE. Check out her top tips and training videos on Instagram @ Xclusivefitness_

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