Will my girlfriend dump me if I admit that I don't want kids?

DEAR DEIDRE: THE thought of having children does nothing for me.

I’m still young and everyone says I will change as I get older but I know in my heart I will never want them.

I am 24 and so is my ­girlfriend. We have only been together for two months and that conversation hasn’t come up as yet.

I don’t know whether I should pre-empt it and let her know babies will never be on the cards, or should I leave it until she brings it up?

I’m worried she’ll dump me as soon as she learns I don’t want children. Women just love babies, don’t they?

But I look at children and see too much commitment and expense. I like having my freedom and don’t want to be tied down by financial constraints.

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DEIDRE SAYS: There are many people who have no desire to ever have children – both men and women.

Certainly don’t avoid the topic or cover up your true feelings, when the conversation arrives, as it naturally will, and calmly explain how you feel.

Really, the best policy is honesty here.

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