Woman, 23, reveals how she shed 80lbs in just TEN MONTHS

Woman, 23, reveals how she shed 80lbs in just TEN MONTHS after being left mortified by her body while on vacation – as she proudly shows off her incredible transformation

  • Isabelle Audette, from Montreal, has struggled with her weight since she was a child, however she wasn’t concerned about her size until a 2016 trip to Spain 
  • At her heaviest, the entrepreneur weighed 224lbs and struggled to fit a size 12 
  • During her vacation in Mallorca, Isabelle felt incredibly judged over her size, particularly by slim bikini-clad women who she saw staring at her 
  • When she returned to Canada, she decided to transform her lifestyle and she quit her unhealthy 3,000-calorie-a-day diet in favor of healthy, fresh foods
  • She committed to a new food and exercise regimen, and began dropping weight quickly and efficiently, losing 80lbs in just ten months 
  • Isabelle now weighs just 124lbs and has forged a new career as a nutrition coach 

A woman has revealed how an eye-opening vacation to Spain prompted her to totally transform her lifestyle and shed 80lbs in just ten months – leaving her looking almost unrecognizable.  

Entrepreneur and nutrition coach Isabelle Audette, 23, from Montreal, Canada, was overweight as a child. 

Living on a diet of fast food for almost every lunch and dinner meal, Isabelle dealt with obesity throughout her childhood and into her teenage years. At her heaviest in 2016, Isabelle weighed 224lbs and struggled to fit into a size 12.

Despite receiving the occasional mean comment from other children at school who would call her ‘fat,’ Isabelle’s size never really bothered her growing up. However, a close family member once told Isabelle that she would never be able to lose weight leaving her feeling resigned to being obese for the rest of her life.

Before: 23-year-old Isabella Audette, from Montreal, spent years struggling with her weight – eventually tipping the scales at 224lbs 

After: Following a trip to Spain, where she found herself too embarrassed to reveal her body, the entrepreneur decided she needed to take action – and lost 80lbs in just ten months 

Taking action: Isabella completely transformed her lifestyle, quitting all of the unhealthy foods that she had once filled her diet with, instead focusing on fresh, healthy meals 

This all changed in 2016 when Isabelle decided to take a holiday to the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Surrounded by the sun, sand, and lots of slim people, Isabelle felt extremely uncomfortable in her skin. 

Seeing strangers looking at her body and believing that she was being judged for her weight, Isabelle decided that on her return to Canada, she had to lose weight for the sake of her health and future happiness.

Swapping the burgers, fries, and soda for vegetables, fresh fruit, and lean meat, Isabelle started exercising up to five times a week and the pounds quickly fell off. 

In just ten months, Isabelle lost a whopping 80lbs and today weighs just 144lbs, fitting into a size two dress.

Isabelle’s desire to never feel embarrassed about her body again made her weight loss a simple task. 

She was so committed to her diet and exercise regime that she would even take her own food with her when visiting friends and family to ensure that she stayed on track with her goals.

Since her incredible transformation, Isabelle has more energy and confidence than ever before in her life and this hasn’t gone unnoticed, with friends and family telling her they are proud of her and strangers online telling her that she is ‘beautiful,’ ‘sexy’ and ‘stunning.’

‘In August 2016, I took a trip to Spain that changed my whole life,’ said Isabelle.

‘That trip made me realize that I needed to change and that I couldn’t continue packing on more weight.

‘Despite the fact that I always disregarded the opinion of other people, I was always self conscious whenever I would go to the beach or to the pool.

‘All I wanted was to be comfortable in my own skin and to feel good going to the beach, but I felt embarrassed to show off my body.

‘The moment I landed in Montreal, I said enough is enough – my mindset completely switched and my transformation began.

‘I was so focused and dedicated to losing weight from that moment on, that I was bringing my own food to family gatherings.

‘I was so motivated that losing weight wasn’t hard at all.

‘Keeping the weight off is the hardest part and you have to find what works for you – it’s all about having a balanced lifestyle.

‘In ten months, I lost almost 100lbs from eating healthy and exercising. Now I feel better, I look better and I have more energy.

‘Receiving compliments has never been an issue – even when I was overweight – but people would comment on how nice my smile was or how pretty my face was.

Trigger moment: ‘That trip made me realize that I needed to change and that I couldn’t continue packing on more weight,’ Isabelle said of her transformation 

Fitness fanatic: She also began working out five times a week and found that the pounds started falling off quickly 

Goals: Isabelle began posting images of her transformation on Instagram and found that others started turning to her for advice about their own weight loss journeys

Career: She has now forged a new career as a nutritionist and spends her time helping others to transform their lifestyles in the same way that she has 

‘Now, people comment on my Instagram posts not only tell me that I’m beautiful, but tell me that I’m an inspiration to them too which is amazing to hear.’

Before her weight loss, Isabelle ate a diet full of fast food, snacks and takeaways totaling over 3,000 calories per day. Her exercise regime was non-existent.

Since deciding to change her lifestyle, a typical breakfast for Isabelle consists of oats and fruit. For lunch and dinner she has a combination of lean proteins such as turkey breast, shrimp or white fish, alongside plenty of vegetables.

Becoming a nutrition coach since her incredible transformation, Isabelle hopes that her success will help encourage others who are struggling with their weight to know that dramatic lifestyle changes are possible if a person wants it enough.

‘If you want to lose weight in the long term, then get some help,’ Isabelle said.

‘Ask a nutritionist, fitness coach for some guidance and invest in yourself. You certainly won’t regret it.

‘Take this journey one day at the time and don’t try to rush the process.

‘It’s not just about looks, it’s your overall quality of life that changes when you go from being unhealthy and overweight to treating your body with respect.

‘I have never felt this pretty or confident in my entire life and I feel amazing.’

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