Woman asks boss for time off to see dying sister but is disgusted by reply

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A woman was left fuming when she told one of her bosses she needed to miss work to see her dying sister.

Hillary Zinks, who works as a makeup artist in film industry, had had a nightmare phone call last month that her sister had been hospitalised and was declared brain-dead.

So on her way to the hospital in Las Vegas, she called up to her employers to notify them about the urgent situation.

The woman also juggles another job as a waitress at a local restaurant – but received very different reactions from the bosses when she asked for time off.

Hillary said in a now-viral TikTok video that her film industry boss was very understanding.

She explained: "To have someone with her experience in film and life tell me to 'never let a job get in the way of life' and 'do whatever I need to do' was exactly what I needed to hear."

However, the response was quite the opposite when she informed her restaurant boss.

She read out the text message from her manager, which said: "I do understand and I am sorry for what you are experiencing.

"I'm curious why you are letting me know two hours prior to your shift?"

The manager also left a very disheartening message to Hillary explaining how she expected her employees to show up at work.

"I was angry and upset about it the rest of the drive," Hillary said.

"The closer I got to the hospital, the more I realised how her behaviour was absolutely unacceptable and I couldn't work under her any longer.

"There were flames inside me roasting myself from the inside out. [And] I told her that I told my other boss already so to mind her own businesses and I don’t give a damn."

Right before she quit the waitress job, she sent her manager a picture of herself holding her sister's hand.

She also give her ex-boss the middle finger.

A few days after the terrible interaction, Hillary got a call from the restaurant and was told that her old boss no longer worked there.

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"The supervisor asked about my sister and I let him know she died that weekend," she said in another post.

"His heart sank for me. He then offered me my job back. I gave myself a few weeks to grieve and then let him know that I'd come back.

"My sister died as a hero, donating four of her organs."

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