Woman branded 'genius' after catching cheating boyfriend

Woman is branded ‘genius’ after turning to some VERY lengthy social media stalking to catch out her cheating boyfriend

  • Anonymous woman caught cheating boyfriend by stalking social media pictures
  • Commenters have since labelled her ‘genius’ for her efforts in uncovering truth 
  • UK-based TikTok video went viral and now has over 113,000 likes on the platform 

Many are familiar with the gut-wrenching feeling that something isn’t right in their relationship, but for one woman, not knowing the truth wasn’t an option.

TikTok user Chloe Powell, from the UK, recorded a conversation with a friend who detailed exactly how she managed to catch out her unfaithful ex-boyfriend.

In the video that garnered over 113,000 likes, Chloe’s anonymous friend exclaimed: ‘I caught him,’ before explaining that she took to Instagram in a bid to uncover the truth.

Turning detective, she used the location search to look through hundreds of photos that had been tagged at the venue her boyfriend had been to and revealed how she stalked every woman’s profile who had also tagged themselves in the area.

MI5 or the FBI please employ her… #fyp #BeBold #psycho #investigator #mi5

Chloe Powell (pictured),from the UK, shared the recording of the conversation with her anonymous friend to TikTok – and it has since garnered over 113,000 likes

Afterwards, she proceeded to watch all of the Instagram stories she could while making sure to screen record to save for later.

Once saved to her phone, she slowed the videos down until she eventually spotted her boyfriend in the background.

Despite the person on the other end of the phone labelling her a ‘psycho’, commenters were elated at her efforts and said how they couldn’t believe they had not thought of it themselves before.

‘She’s not pyscho, she’s just smart,’ wrote one.

The unknown friend of Chloe Powell revealed her lengthy method for uncovering the truth behind her boyfriend’s unfaithful ways

Another commented: ‘Not Psycho! Reacting to the way men treat us and take us for fools. We don’t let anything go! We can tell if something isn’t right, trust your gut.

A third added: ‘He’s obviously given her reason to do this.’

Elsewhere, a fourth person chimed in: ‘I never thought of this. She’s a genius.’ 

Another commenter revealed that she had employed the same tactics, admitting, ‘I caught my boyfriend cheating with this method.’

Commenters branded the woman a genius for going to such lengths to catch her cheating boyfriend (pictured)

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