Woman branded ‘genius’ after making giant bed out of two divans from Amazon

A woman has been praised online after she made a giant bed out of two divans.

The bargain hunter created a huge space to sleep on by using beds from Amazon.

She revealed how she had been quoted around £3,000 to have a custom frame built – so she decided to make it herself.

The woman picked up two double divans for £216 each and pushed them together to make a bed which is a staggering 12ft wide.

Then she added non-slip mattresses on top – which means no one can fall out of the bed.

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Sharing a snap of her giant bed on the DIY On A Budget Official Facebook group, she said: “Two double divan beds together to make one big a** bed… love it, so much space.

“We looked into custom made beds but they were coming out like £3,000! So this worked out a hell of a lot cheaper and works perfectly.

“For everyone asking as said above it’s literally two doubles pushed together. They are non-slip mattresses and so no movement. I was going to attach both beds together but haven’t needed to yet as they stay together really well.”

And the good news is that no one had fallen down the gap in the middle.

The woman confirmed on Facebook: “We don't fall down the gap in the middle. Honestly it works so well.”

But there is a downside with a massive bed like this – it means more laundry to do.

She added: “Bedding is just standard double bedding – 2 duvets & 2 sheets with 8 pillowcases in total… a lot to wash yes… but so worth it.”

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Thousands of online users liked the post, with many debating on adding a double and a single together.

One said: “Perfect for people always complaining about their other halves taking the covers lol! Share one bed to ‘cuddle’ and then go to your own bed(half)to sleep. I say keep the gap.”

Another added: “Wow that's genius! I'm gonna have to copy it!”

A third commented: “That bed is the size of my room.”

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