Woman claims she has transformed her body and mind with a meat only diet

Determined to get on with her life after the attack, she honed her musical talents – putting them to good use in the army reservists, despite still suffering with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which include anxiety, nightmares, insomnia and depression.

Unable to work because of her health, four months ago Jillian saw people talking on social media about following an extreme carnivorous diet and decided to give it a go.

Dubbed the ‘caveman diet’, because it harks back to a time when we were hunter gatherers, relying on meat, Jillian claims it is a more natural way for human beings to eat.

‘The animal fat in this diet is very important because it’s where I get my energy or fuel from now that I don’t eat any carbohydrates,’ she explained.

She also said the bone broth, which is a staple of the diet, helps her stay hydrated and provides her body with electrolytes, which are crucial for muscle contraction and the transmission of nerve impulses.

‘I only eat now when I am hungry and because this diet is so high in fat, I’m not very hungry throughout the day,’ she said. ‘I don’t snack or graze, I don’t have any cravings and I only eat high quality, grass-fed meats.’

Rather than using a diet or health manual to prepare her meals, Jillian now has supervision from a team of nutritional experts and doctors at a Hungarian centre, which specialises in this type of eating.

‘They have recommended that I try and eat 500g of liver and 200g of brain or bone marrow every week. They are all really high in nutrients that are good for the intestine which is what I need most,’ she said.

‘I was raised on fast food, so I do find some of the meals quite difficult to eat, especially the liver, which I chop into tiny pieces and have to swallow with water, but your body quickly gets used to it.

‘And there are huge benefits. My mind is now so much clearer, my memory has improved, I sleep better and I feel ready now to tackle the PTSD I’ve suffered from since my teens.’

While Jillian,  does not claim that her extreme meat diet has cured her problems, she does feel ready to tackle her PTSD now that her diet has improved her general sense of well-being.

She continued: ‘I’m not saying this meat diet has cured my PTSD, I’m saying for the first time, I feel well enough to explore treatments, whereas before, my mind was so clouded, I didn’t know where to start.’

Buying quality meat in bulk, Jillian freezes what she is not eating immediately and while meat is pricey, she eats less, so does not find her new diet expensive.

‘My family and friends think it’s a strange diet, but they can see how much healthier I am and if you think about evolution, this is how we all used to eat,” she said.

‘I know I am going to upset a bunch of vegans eating this way and will probably get hate mail, but all I can say is that eating this way is really working for me.”

Jillian is now such a fan of the carnivore diet her own dream is to own a few acres of land and farm and eat her own animals.

‘I know I don’t really fit into normal society, which is down to the traumas I have been through,’ she said. ‘But I have always felt a connection to the land and nature, so my dream would be to live in peace and have that same connection with the food I eat.’

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