Woman fears she’s losing it after spotting a ‘pig wearing rollers’ on fence

What has appeared on a fence isn't normally an interesting topic of conversation.

But one woman was left gobsmacked after spotting an image of a pig wearing hair rollers on the wooden panels.

Jade, from Birmingham, shared the hilarious picture on Twitter where its caused quite a stir.

It's not hogwash – the markings do look exactly like a pig wearing hair rollers.

The cracking image has left people squealing with joy and has racked up an impressive 263,000 likes.

Jade captioned the pic: "does this look like a pig with rollers in its hair or have I finally lost it."

One person confirmed it does, replying: "It's scary how much this looks like a pig with rollers."

Another joked: "I'm at this stage of quarantine."

A third person replied: "This is the s*** you see when you trip."

A fourth added: "This is better than when people find the image of Christ in their toast."

Others offered their own interpretation of what the markings look like.

One reply said: "I see a cow in rollers but I see your vision."

A second said: "Looks like a bear or dog to me."

A third had a very different vision, adding: "Maybe I’m just high but it looks like a little boy with curly hair running for his life."

But one person confirmed with a quick doodle that the markings do resemble a pig wearing rollers.

Twitter user Juan shared the pic, joking: "So i was bored."

The incredible markings follow one woman's unfortunate realisation that her tattoo looks very different if covered by a t-shirt.

Charley Robertson showed off her new ink – which is actually a picture of a frog sitting on a stool.

But when part of the tattoo is covered by her t-shirt sleeve, it bears an uncannny resemblance to the Pixar film character Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.

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