Woman genius solution to dating fail wows after forgetting mans name

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A woman joked she's having a "dating fail" when she met her date and somehow forgot his name.

Polly said she came up with an idea to let the man "re-introduce" himself again – by taking him to a Starbucks coffee shop.

She posted a video on TikTok and said: "Took my hookup to Starbucks because I forgot his name."

Thinking she could hear and remember the name when he tells the worker, she gives updates: "He told the barista his name was 'Dwight Schrute' literally."

As most TV fans know, Dwight Schrute is a fictional character in the US version of The Office – similar to Gareth Keenan in the UK version of the sitcom.

She turned to her viewers and asked for help.

One said: "He 100% knows you don't know his name. Good luck."

"Genius idea but plot failed. Sorry girl," a second wrote.

Others came up with different tricks to Polly as some suggested her to pick his wallet and check his identity card.

"Add him to your contact so you can see what he types in the 'name section'!" a viewer suggested.

Another said: "Time to introduce him to somebody! Just ask a random stranger to act like a friend or something and maybe he'll introduce himself to her by name."

A third wrote: "Say 'what's your name again?' He will say it and then you say 'Oh no I meant your last name' Boom, now you got both."

Polly later gave updates and said she looked into his wallet and found five different names on the man's cards.

But some viewers scrolled to Polly's earlier posts and found the same man in the video, which she captioned: "Secretly recorded my boyfriend while I showed him my new TikTok dance."

"So did you ever find out his name?" one sarcastically said.

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