Woman quits job to earn £7,800 on OnlyFans by acting like a puppy

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A woman has quit her job as an optician and turned to acting as a puppy on OnlyFans.

Jenna Philips, 21, often films herself eating dog food on the floor and chasing soft toys in a field to her paying subscribers.

Philips, from Austin, Texas, is now earning six figures a year from fans who have a "pet play" fetish.

In her TikTok videos, Jenna is seen crawling on the floor in the kitchen and looking for food.

She chomps down on a bowl of dry food before pretending to flip over the tray and carrying on eating on the floor.

In another clip, she is told off by a man, who acts as her owner, and is locked up in her cage.

Jenna told Vice: "I feel like a dog. I just want to roll around, play fetch, get head scratches, run around and play. All of that.

"I have always acted like a puppy but not in a sexual way at first. I used to pretend I was a puppy when I was growing up.

"I really love praise. I love hearing 'good girl'. It makes my heart melt every time."

The OnlyFans star said that much of her revenue comes from fans requesting custom videos – with one follower paying her £781 for a single piece of footage.

But she stressed that she will never work with animals.

"Some of the requests are a bit too much. People have asked me to film with a real dog and I can't say no quickly enough," Jenna added.

"There are no animals involved in my filming and never will be."

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