Woman reveals VERY rude text sent to her accidentally by her date

Woman reveals her VERY rude date accidentally sent her a text intended for his friend which said she was ‘bigger than he thought’ but her family is ‘loaded’

  • Kersten Hovis, believed to be from the US, shared her date’s texting faux pas 
  • Revealed the date, named Seth, sent her a text that was meant for friend, not her
  • In text, was commenting on how looked bigger than he thought but was ‘loaded’
  • Kirsten revealed she cut the date short after receiving the text by accident 

If there was ever a reason to cut a date short, this texting mishap would be it. 

Kersten Hovis, believed to be from the US, revealed on TikTok that her date, a man named Seth, sent her a message he had meant to send to someone else, commenting on her looks. 

This happened as the couple’s date was just getting started, and led to a brutal end.  

The dater shared a screenshot of the conversation, which showed Seth had remarked she looked ‘bigger than he thought’ but that her family was ‘loaded’. 

After receiving the message and realizing it had been sent by mistake, Kersten asked Seth to turn the car around and lectured him about how ‘immature’ and ‘shallow’ he was. 

People sympathized with Kersten after she laughed off the story on TikTok, explaining the man’s opinion had not affected how she viewed herself. 

reality of dating in 2020 #greenscreen #GreenScreenScan

Kersten Hovis, pictured, believed to be from the US, revealed on TikTok that her date, a man named Seth, sent her a message he had meant to send to someone else, commenting on her looks

Kersten first shared the screenshot of her conversation with Seth, captioning it ‘the reality of dating in 2020’. 

At first, it looked like any other text exchange, with Seth asking for directions to Kersten’s house. 

But the dater soon pointed out one specific message sent by Seth, which read: ‘Headed that way, she’s bigger than I thought but holy **** her family is loaded.’ 

She then replied ‘I’ll pray for ya bud.’

Kersten made light of the situation by sharing the conversation on TikTok, pointing to her date’s message and her reply 

In a subsequent video, Kersten updated her followers on what had really happened during the date. 

She explained Seth sent her the message 10 minutes into their date while they were driving off. 

‘I look at him, I’m like: “You didn’t mean to send me that, did you?”,’ she said. 

After Seth confessed he had sent the message by accident, Kersten asked him to turn the car around.  


People sympathized with Kersten after she shared her situation in more detail, revealing how she told her date to ‘turn the car around’, while others remarked she was better off without her date and for the best he had shown his true colors early on

‘I just told him how immature he was and how shallow he was and I knew that was why he was still single,’ she said in the video. 

She revealed the date ended in silence as Seth dropped her off close to her house. But Kersten was able to make light of the rude text and awkward moment. 

‘I don’t expect myself to be a twig, I have some thighs, that’s ok, I love that about myself,’ she said. 

She said Seth’s opinion did not affect how she saw herself. 

‘If anything it just let me know what I deserve even more,’ she said. 

The TikToker’s followers expressed her sympathy after she shared the interaction, saying it was for the best that Seth had shown his true colors. 

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