Woman sends ‘dirty’ text to her husband – but it’s his mum who reads it first

If you want to keep the sparks in a relationship, sending a dirty text could be a good idea.

But when the message is read by someone else – then that's when you've got a real problem on your hands.

One woman suffered this awkward blunder when she tried to gain a reaction from her husband during a family game night.

Anna Mellor wanted to see her partner Rory squirm by sending the cheeky message and filming his reaction.

Sadly, the 25-year-old's little prank backfired when the text was intercepted by her mother-in-law Maurie who was sat next to Rory.

When the phone went off, Rory's 51-year-old mum was the lucky person to pick up the phone and check the notification.

And awkwardly for Anna, her mother-in-law read the entire message out loud.

In the video, the wife can be heard saying: "Wait, wait, no… oh no," as she watches Maurie reaching for the phone.

She looks at the screen, with her mouth open in shock, before putting it down and giving her son a look of disapproval.

Rory then takes a look at the message himself and asks his mum in shock: "Did you read that?"

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To which his mum responded: "I thought it was my phone. That is so gross!"

Rory then bursts out laughing over the awkward situation.

But Maurie really didn't look too pleased about what she had just read.

Well isn't that awkward?

And this isn't the first texting fail we've seen.

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