Woman stood up by date flooded with crazy voicemails saying shes in the wrong

A woman has shared some "red fag" behaviour when her date ditched her at a restaurant and then threatened her over a series of voicemails.

Radio host Susan ‘Mason’ Moussette, from Dallas, Texas, said she had her first date planned last Friday and had made an effort to get ready before she met the man.

"I took a nap, I showered, I did my hair, and I sat in a restaurant waiting for him for half an hour and he never showed up," Mason shared the details on her TikTok.

"He didn't call me and two hours later, he called me saying his dad was in the hospital. And then he called me after that to tell me he was lied and then proceeded to leave me five or six voicemails."

In the audio message, the man introduced himself as Brad and said he hadn't heard from Mason for several hours.

"This is not cool, I'm starting to rethink things…I don't know. If I don't hear from you in the next 30 minutes, I'm sorry I just don't think it's going to work out," he said.

Mason then played a follow-up voicemail, in which Brad apologised and said he believed she was "different" than other women he's met.

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Then she pulled up yet another audio message and called it the "piece de resistance".

In the clip, Brad yells: "Why didn't you call me back? How did somebody do that to somebody else? I told you that this has happened in the past, you said you weren't going to do it.

"I left you several messages, filling my heart to you. All I'm asking for is a call back."

Mason's series of tell-all "crazy voicemails" got her viewers so invested that some believed she "dodged a bullet".

One said: "I don't think you could put more red flags in one voicemail if you tried."

A second commented: "So he lied, gaslighted, and a bonus he then showed his controlling side, giving you a time limit before you miss out on that bundle of joy!"

Mason gave an update yesterday that the matter escalated to the point that Brad's mum also left her a voicemail asking her to go over to their place for a dinner.

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