Woman transforms herself into Captain Sir Tom Moore using makeup

Woman makes painstaking tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore by transforming herself to look just like the late war veteran – using a cling film wig, make-up and SIXTY brushes

  • Tara Jenkins, 37, from Pembrokeshire, Wales, turned herself into Captain Tom
  • She used more than 60 brushes to complete the look and wore a cling film wig 
  • Tara says she is proud to have honoured the war hero and spread some joy after sharing herself putting the finishing touches to the look on Facebook Live 
  • Jenkins, a mother-of-one who has autism, says make-up ‘allows me to zone out’ 

A talented make-up fan has paid tribute to the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore by using cosmetics and body paint to make herself look like the war veteran, who died aged 100 on Tuesday.  

Tara Jenkins, 37, from Pembrokeshire, Wales, who has autism, shared a video of herself having used more than 60 brushes to make the tribute to the fundraiser, who spent the final year of his life raising £39 million for the NHS. 

The mother-of-one paid close attention to detail, drawing in the contours of his face and glasses as well as his navy suit and war medals on her body.  

She started her masterpiece on Wednesday evening and went live on Facebook as she was putting the finishing touches to her look.   

Tara Jenkins, 37, from Pembrokeshire, Wales, transformed herself into 100-year-old Captain Sir Tom Moore using only make-up and body paint (left before and right after)

She also covered her head in cling film and stuck on fake hair to create Captain Tom’s do. 

Wedding entertainment business owner Tara said: ‘It wasn’t meant to be funny because it was a tribute – but I think my very Welsh voice coming out of an old man got to everyone.

‘I followed him through all his charity work and he’s a 100-year-old man, I thought what can I do after all he’s done?

‘It’s a small, little town where I am and everyone’s very critical and believes it’s just the flu, but seeing someone like him who raised so much money get it too, it was a reminder to everyone that it was real.’ 

She used more than 60 brushes to turn herself into the late veteran as a tribute, painting both her face and the top of her body

Speaking about sharing her work online, she said: ‘I was so nervous, but then in about half an hour I had 120 shares, and then when I checked again this morning it had 4,500 views!

‘I think I went through about 60 brushes – I didn’t have time to wash them so I just put them aside!’ 

This is not her first try using face paint, and at Christmas time her Grinch make-up was so realistic that she was asked to do personalised messages for kids.

She also covered her head in cling film and stuck on fake hair to create Captain Tom’s do (pictured left)

She said: ‘During the COVID my mental health’s not been that good, I’ve had my ups and downs, and doing make-up is like a drug to me – it’s the only thing that helps.

‘A few years back, I was also diagnosed with autism and make-up just allows me to zone out.’

Tara’s son Logan, eight, is a big inspiration to her and helps come up with ideas for her next look.

Captain Tom isn’t the only design she’s come up with and also created this make-up look to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII

The mother-of-one said: ‘Logan’s got autism so has a lot of sensitivity issues, and with the lockdown it’s hit him hard because changing routine is really difficult for him, but he loves it!

‘He came in and was like ‘who are you? He has a great imagination, he’s really alternative and thinks out of the box.’

Tara is proud that she has honoured Captain Tom, but is also happy that she spread some joy at this difficult time.

Captain Tom, who came to prominence last year after raising money for the NHS, sadly passed away on Tuesday due to complications from Covid-19 and pneumonia

She said: ‘Everyone’s been saying it’s not only commemorated him but when I go on live the kids love watching and laughing with me!

‘It’s nice that I’ve touched so many during the COVID time.’ 

Captain Sir Tom Moore came to prominence in April of last year during the Covid-19 pandemic after he began fundraising the NHS.   

He aimed to walk 100 lengths of his garden aided by his walking frame over 10 days.

His initial goal of £1,000 was quickly surpassed and by the time his birthday came around he had raised over £30 million.

Due to this, he was awarded a world record for the greatest amount of money raised in an individual charity walk.

Captain Tom sadly passed away on Tuesday due to complications from Covid-19 and pneumonia.  

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