Woman’s ‘ideal’ girl baby names are Richard and Craig and people are baffled

A woman has left viewers baffled when she revealed her list of baby names for a girl – only for viewers to realise they are all traditionally boys names.

Isabelle Ciarrocchi said she came up with a list of boy names she loves and hopes to use one day and shared it on TikTok with stock pictures of babies alongside the names.

She wrote: "I seriously love boy names for baby girls."

In the clip, she goes by her first choice, Richard, for a blonde hair baby girl.

Then she picks a brunette hair girl with lovely green eyes as a would-be Craig and Gilbert as a dark-skinned type.

She also favours some more traditional names like Otis, Bartholomew and Gregory.

Viewers were shocked and said they could not see Richard as a girl's name.

One wrote: "This at first put me on edge because I was like 'Don't gender names' but then you hit me with Richard, I'm done."

Another added: "Richard send me to another galaxy."

"I lost it at Richard," a third added.

Others found it hilarious, with one commenting: "I am actually shedding tears this is so funny."

"I just burst out laughing at work and almost blew my mask right off," a second penned.

But some struggled to understand the reason for giving boy names to baby girls.

One said: "I can't tell if this is a joke or not."

"I'm begging someone to tell me if this is sarcastic or not," a viewer added. "I truly can't tell."

Some TikTok users pointed out that the clip was a parody of another original clip.

"There was a TikTok about baby names and this is a comedic version of it," one of them said.

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