Woman’s roast dinner snap brutally mocked as foodies compare it to ‘prison food’

When a woman shared a picture of her roast dinner online, she was in for a roasting herself.

Rebecca S submitted a snap of her “mid-week roost” into Rate My Plate, which was very brave of her.

The group boasts more than 2.8 million followers – and invites foodies to pass their verdict on strangers’ dishes.

Unfortunately for the home cook, her offering didn’t go down well with the online critics.

The majority weren’t impressed by the plate, which consisted of chicken, mash, cabbage and carrots.

Rebecca’s roast was branded “sad”, “prison food” and “as dry as a tumble dryer”.

A harsh critic said: “Congratulations, you’ve produced the saddest roast to ever exist.

“Quite the achievement.”

Another joked: “Rebecca – that sound upstairs is your husband packing his bags.

“You will be cooking ‘Roost’ for one from now on.”

A third scoffed: “Looks as dry as my tumble dryer that does.”

And a fourth added: “Toby Carvery aren’t gonna be quaking in their boots are they Rebecca, let’s face it.”

Others asked Rebecca if she was “in prison” or “in hospital” due to the beigeness of the meal.

Meanwhile, some took issue with the plate the food was served on.

A commenter said: “Your culinary skills are beyond belief – in that they can't get anymore base.

“And why are you using a child’s plate? Is that Winnie the Pooh?”

And another laughed: “Even Winnie the Pooh is hiding his face.”

While many mocked the dish, others thought it looked quite nice.

One commenter said: “Very nice. When are we eating?”

Another remarked: “Looks delicious.”

And a third added: “Nice plate!”

So what do you make of the “mid-week roost”? Let us know in the comments below.

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