Women reveal what their boyfriends' apartments look like compared to theirs

When you visit the apartment of a person you’re dating for the first time, the place might look spick and span.

By the 27th time, not so much.

One woman showed how her boyfriend’s place is much more of a state than her own.

Madelyn Krueger shared the difference between her room and her partner’s in a viral TikTok video.

In the clip, she waves goodbye to her perfectly tidy room to spend the night with her boyfriend.

Madelyn filmed scenes at his place where you can see hair all over the bathroom, packaging lying around, and used tissues that clearly missed the bin.

The video inspired other women to share the difference between their apartments and their partners’ too.

They filmed a toothpaste tube without the cap on, clothes on the floor, unwashed towels, cans on the floor, and a rubbish bin outside with garbage spilling out.

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Madelyn’s video garnered more than three million views with many commenting to say they relate.

Others advised Madelyn to break up with her partner after seeing the mess.

One person wrote: ‘Sis, this man is not worth a UTI, run’, while another said: ‘Wow, he can’t even clean the place when he knows you’re coming over? It’s the lack of respect for me’.

A third person wrote: ‘It’s embarrassing that you’re even dating this guy,’ and another added: ‘Ladies, don’t settle for this’.

Some said it’s understandable if someone was unable to afford the best decor but encouraged the boyfriend to at least clean after himself.

Another TikTokker, @natuarally_natalieeng, showed how her partner leaves behind used razors on the sink, with hair lying around.

She shared the contents of her boyfriend’s fridge, which was empty bar some takeaway, ranch sauce and beer.

Viewers were not impressed.

‘Why are they all the same?’ wrote one while another said: ‘Reasons why I’m scared to own a house with a boy.’

Good luck.

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