Worlds hottest mechanic constantly hit on at work– but prefers motors to men

A woman who has been dubbed the “world’s hottest mechanic” claims she’s inundated by men who ask her out while she fixes their cars – but she’s more interested in their motors than them.

Tantin Legaspi Meneses, a part-time model and “proud Filipina beauty” has been working on engines for over a decade since she started at the age of 15.

The hot mechanic, now 26, from the Philippines, says she doesn’t need “validation from anyone” and prefers to work on her own as men staring at her is “distracting”.

The beauty decided to become a mechanic in high school after playing with car parts since she was a child, but teachers discouraged her.

She told The Sun: “When I was in high school, they asked me what course I wanted to do.

“I said I'm planning to become a mechanic – but they did not take it seriously, they thought I was kidding.”

But, she went on an automotive course at the age of 19 and now works in her own shop.

And, it seems customers are the worst part of her job as they ogle the model while she works.

Tantin said: “Guys who come and watch me work ask questions and chitchat, I just really want to get the job done as fast as I can without distractions. I have just learned to just ignore them.

“I didn’t become a mechanic for men, or just to impress anyone. I did it for myself.”

Now, she splits her time between getting covered in oil in the garage and getting dressed up for photoshoots.

Tantin said: “I work as a model also, so I get to do all the glam make up and be pretty – and then after, I get to be messy, get my hands dirty, not shower, just really get down with it when I work on cars, I love it.”

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But, she has admitted that there are downsides to working in a male-centric industry such as being unable to carry heavy loads.

However, she insists there are things women are more suited to when it comes to mechanics too – like using her small hands to reach nuts and screws that men can’t get to.

Tantin posts her work on Instagram where she encourages other women to join her in the industry.

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