You Can Get A Massive Box Of Pickle Snack Pouches At Sam’s Club Now

Pickle lovers, rejoice and be glad, for individually-wrapped pickle bites are available at Sam’s Club. Pickle haters, you may want to avert your eyes. This post will be 100% in praise of our beloved briney boys.

If you love to snack on pickles but recoil in shame at the idea of walking around with a Ziploc baggie of loose pickles, these OH SNAP! Dilly Bites are for you. In an Instagram post by OH SNAP!, the company shared the news about their individual serving bags being available in bulk at Sam’s club: “This is kind of a big dill! Our OH SNAP! Dilly Bites are now popping up on the shelves at several Sam’s Club locations across the US!” The OH SNAP! Dilly Bites are available in 12-packs for $8.98. Per an emailed release, the Dilly Bites are typically sold between $1 and $2 per pack, making Sam’s Club’s promotion a steal.

Lest you fear toting around a big ol’ bag of pickle juice, the Dilly Bites also include “minimal brine.” Per a product description, the pickle bites are “crunchy, delicious and fresh-packed with no added brine for less mess.” They’re best deserved chilled, after being stored in the refrigerator, and eating within the company of fellow pickle fanatics.

If spicy is your thing, OH SNAP! also has Hottie Bites, which are pickle coins seasoned with a spicy brine. However, those don’t appear to be available in bulk at Sam’s Club.If the ease of single-serving bags of pickles is unappealing to you, you could always indulge in one of Sam’s Clubs gallon-size containers of dill pickles.

Imagine rolling up to the cookout, a gallon of pickles under each arm. Your friends and family cheer, scream, sob as you bless them with your bounty of briney boys. We are but a few weeks away from July 4 celebrations. You know what goes good with fireworks? The loud chomp of a pickle.

If your love for pickles is insatiable, welcome. You are living in a time when pickles are everywhere, at your beck and call. Want to sign up for a pickle subscription box? Of course you do, and nothing is stopping you. Want to show your partner your love in pickles? Perfect because pickle bouquets exist for that purpose exactly. What about a pickle sandwich that replaces bread with pickles? Some may think it’s unnecessary, impossible even. However, it does exist thanks to Elsie’s deli in New Jersey, and for that, we all must clap our pickled hands.

For those among us who proudly pickle, I salute you and your body thanks you. There are some surprising health benefits to eating pickled foods like pickles, sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, and did I mention pickles?

“Cultured, or pickled, vegetables are mainly known for their probiotics,” Monica Auslander Moreno, MS, RD, LD/N, and nutrition consultant for RSP Nutrition previous told Bustle via email. “Vitamin C is lost in the heating pickling process, but other nutrients, like B vitamins, may become amplified. Fat-soluble vitamins present in the original vegetable (like Vitamin A in carrots) will remain preserved. Fiber will remain intact.” Basically, the pickling process helps up the amount of good bacteria, which some research suggests helps clear up skin and even reduce depression. (I’m not saying a good pickle is a substitute for therapy and medication. But, I’m not not saying that therapy would be a lot more enjoyable if they were to offer free pickles.)

Speaking of therapy, you may need some after bearing witness to this pickle ice cream split sundae. While I admire the enthusiasm, I think I’ll be sticking to my individually packaged pickles.

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