You could get paid £24k to smell luxury candles and wax melts

Are you as obsessed with lovely smelling candles and wax melts as we are?

We can’t get enough of lighting them as the days become colder and darker.

Especially, if they’re fragranced with Christmas or Autumn scents – yum!

Well, if you’re a candle lover then you’ll be thrilled to know that you can now be paid to sniff them!

Luxury wax melt company Sassy Shop Wax are looking for a “Fragrance Tester” to sample their best products.

You’ll be paid a £24k pro-rata salary and get a year’s worth of wax melts.

What's your favourite scent? Let us know in the comments…

The successful applicant will be asked to smell a range of new wax melt scents from Sassy Shop Wax.

The brand introduces new varieties to their shop each month – and you’ll be asked to burn them with the free wax melter you are sent.

The tester will be sent five new wax melt bars to test and smell each month for a year.

You’ll need to give feedback on how strong the scent is, how long it lasts and if the fragrance matches the name.

You can do it all from your living room – which is useful in 2020.

Plus, you can make suggestions on improving the scents and creating new, fun fragrance bars.

To apply, you should be someone "who can tell what ingredients are in your meal, just by sniffing it.”

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And, if you can "differentiate flavours in wine, before taking a sip" or "spot a bad odour before it comes in close proximity" then you are perfect for the role.

Keely Parsons, founder of Sassy Shop Wax, said: "We think it's important to get our fragrances right so no customer is left disappointed and we are looking for someone with a good nose to make sure our future products are top notch!

"With most of us now working from home this is the perfect opportunity – you know it makes scents!"

The brand was launched in 2017, when Kelly made all of her wax melt bars in her kitchen.

Now, she employs a fleet of staff at her 800 sq ft workshop.

To apply for the job you need to fill out the application form on the Sassy Shop Wax website before November 13 2020.

Good luck!

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