You Know American Horror Story: Apocalypse Couldn't End the Season Without This Witch

You Know American Horror Story: Apocalypse Couldn’t End the Season Without This Witch

Despite early attempts from Angela Bassett and Ryan Murphy to assure viewers that Marie Laveau would not appear on American Horror Story: Apocalypse, the voodoo queen, of course, had to make a triumphant return in the eighth season’s plot-packed finale. Bassett last appeared in the sixth season, Roanoke, and though her comeback was painfully brief, it was enough to set social media ablaze.

When we last left her in Coven, Marie was left toiling in hell under the command of Papa Legba. Needing all the help she can get to defeat Michael Langdon, however, Cordelia Goode rescues Marie and offers the new voodoo queen Dinah Stevens to Papa as an exchange. After orchestrating this deal, Marie kills Dinah herself, sending her soul down to hell. Sadly, our time with the iconic character is short-lived, as Michael rips out her heart once they square off. Yikes.

Just like that, our forever voodoo queen will be missed . . . again. Ahead, read reactions from fans who couldn’t handle the surprise.

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