You Season 3 Will Resume Filming Very Soon [Report]

After months of delays due to the COVID-19 outbreak, a new report claims the third season of You will resume filming this fall.

The global pandemic has resulted in countless TV shows and movies having to halt production. Cast and crew gathering together while the rest of the world is shutdown would not only reflect badly on a studio and its shows but in most countries, it would have been illegal to do so. However, as we all attempt to return to normal, production on certain projects has been allowed to resume.

Productions on shows like The Witcher and Disney+’s Marvel projects have apparently started back up. Next on the agenda for Netflix will be You. The third season of the streaming service’s hit show had started filming earlier this year. However, filming was halted when the world went into lockdown.

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The gap between the release of season one and season two was a little more than a year. Netflix was likely trying to keep to a similar timeline for season three, but just like a number of other projects, those plans will now be out the window. Season three of You is still coming to Netflix in 2021, but chances are the gap between it and the last season will be longer than 14 months this time around. Filming is yet to resume, but according to Lad Bible, it will start back up again in the fall.

As for what You fans can expect from season three, anyone who is yet to see season two might want to look away now as there are spoilers ahead. The second season ends on a major cliffhanger. You’s star Joe is living in the suburbs with his new love, Love. However, he peers through the fence and comments on their neighbor. His voiceover reveals that the two are destined to meet, and it seems as if this mystery woman might be Joe’s next victim.

There is one, very alternative theory as to who the woman might be, though. Not a potential new partner/victim for Joe, but his missing mother. A lot has been said of Joe’s mom in the first two seasons, but we are yet to meet her. Perhaps the show’s leading man has managed to track her down, and it has been so long since they last met that she doesn’t even realize her son has moved in next door.

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