Young Men Are Learning How Menstrual Pads Work on TikTok—And the Videos Are Hilarious

Menstrual pads are apparently an extremely confusing product for young men, according to one of the latest viral trends sweeping TikTok right now. 

No, but seriously: These guys don’t even have a clue to how pads work, and their logic is both hilarious and low-key troubling. We should definitely be teaching men about how the female body and periods work, and it seems, that as a society, we’re not doing a very good job. 

As women, we’re pretty familiar with the sanitary napkin, even if we prefer a tampon or a cup or some other method of addressing our periods each month. But whew—these young men have some deeply misguided notions about the pad. This video, posted by Ariana Romano, of her boyfriend’s discovery of how pads actually work has been viewed over 12 million times. And it’s hilarious. 

Take this exchange, for example. “How do you pee with the pad on? You can’t. You have to take it off first, obviously,” he says. “Do you just pee in the pad and let it sit in your vagina?”

“What is the pad attached to?” Romano asks him.

“Your coochie,” he says, and she then explains that no, that is not the case. The pad is stuck to underwear, not any part of the body. 

“Wait a second. Oh, it’s not actually on your vagina?” he says. “So does it just absorb the blood or not?”

BuzzFeed News caught up with 18-year-old Romano and asked her about the video. (Her boyfriend, also 18, is named Isaac Turnage.) She said she was very surprised by his answers but that Turnage is taking it all in stride. “He doesn’t get embarrassed, was just very concerned and confused,” she said.

But sweet Isaac, you are not alone. There are many young men all across TikTok being informed about menstrual pads. 

I almost don’t have words. Because this information is being disseminated through TikTok, I can only hope that Gen Z (and any other millennial or Gen X men who see the clips) will now understand the female body and menstruation just a little bit better. 

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