Zara shopper asks wtf is this after receiving mystery item in clothing order

A woman was excited for her order to arrive from Zara.

TikTok user @yasmin_logan ordered an outfit covered in colourful print – but was baffled as a mystery item was also included.

She filmed herself inspecting the small yellow pouch with strings, before asking: "Zara I need to know wtf this is.”

Hilariously, Yasmin proceeds to model the unidentified object that matched her very bright dress.

She attempted to wear the Zara item as a hat and even questioned its use as a face mask, which is very handy for the world right now.

Still baffled as the rest of us, in the last clip the shopper puts the fashion item over one of her boobs to see if the item would work as a bra.

The viral clip has racked up a whopping 6.5 million views and has garnered more than 478,000 likes.

Yasmin captioned the video, "Anyone out there that can tell me what this is?"

TikTokers fled to the comments to offer their hysterical takes on what the Zara product may be.

One user joked: “It’s clearly a purse for your hamster.”

Another user who claimed to work for the retailer added: “I work in Zara and I never understand what the small bags are for.”

And a third user laughed: “It’s a menstrual cup holder.”

Whatever the product may be, we salute Yasmin for her creativity!

Tell us in the comments what you think this unusual Zara product may be.

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