11 of the muggiest moments on Love Island

The whole point of Love Island is for young gorgeous people to find, er, love, right? Oh yeah, and a big-bucks media career. But as we’ve know from watching the last four seasons of the frisky sex-in-the-sun series, sometimes our loveable heroes let the nicey-nicey mask slip in order to get what they want.

Deviousness, backstabbing and mind games: we present eleven of the muggiest moments on Love Island.

1) Eyal snogs the face off Megan in front of Dr Alex

He might be as much fun in the villa as a wet dishcloth, but viewers really grew to love Dr Alex because he was such a loser in love. Bless him! Which makes what slippery Eyal did even worse.

When Megan arrived in the villa Alex and Eyal were clearly both interested. Dr Al hoped that he had found the one who might actually love him back, while Eyal was keen to move on from Hayley.

Promisingly Megan gave Alex some positive signs, telling him that he was a great guy and different to men she had had before, but smooth Eyal was intent on marking his territory and after a chat followed her across the villa and kissed her full on the lips right in front of Alex.

Even though he was devastated to have lost out on yet another girl, the mild-mannered doc mustered up the courage to square up to weasel Eyal and said: “It felt a bit rude and desperate. You came over, smooched and then walked away. I found it so disrespectful. I always think you treat people how you want to be treated. I wouldn’t have done it.

Eyal said later that he hadnt seen Alex standing just feet away (yeah, right), but viewers were not convinced and attacked him on social media.

2) Adam mugs off Kendall and then mugs off Rosie

He might be tall, dark and handsome but that doesn’t excuse Adam’s neanderthal behaviour in the first week of his time in the villa. Viewers took a dislike to him when he snatched Kendall away from supercute Niall.

Then they were even more furious with him when it looked like he was losing interest in Kendall because she wouldn’t move their relationship on fast enough, not to mention his sudden interest in newcomer Rosie.

“I feel like I’m already in a relationship with you and getting relationship sort of chat but not getting the benefits of getting any affection,” he told Kendall, a former Blackpool beauty queen. “I’m not complaining about taking it slow but what I’m saying is you’re cuddling us and stuff in bed, but then when I come up and have a chat with you, you pull away.”

Kendall apologised for her misleading actions, explaining to him that she really liked him and that she was just a little insecure when it came to embarking on a new relationship. When it came to the re-coupling ceremony, viewers were convinced Adam would give Kendall another go, but no, the glossy cad chose Rosie instead.

Disappointed not to be picked, Kendall graciously took the news well. But insensitive Adam was more interested in cracking on with Rosie and snogged the face off her just minutes later, which sent viewers wild.

A few days later, Rosie experienced a mugging-off herself from Adam, when he told newbie Megan that he wasn’t happy with Rosie. What a silly thing to do, as Megan ran off to tell Rosie what he’d said who then confronted him about his mugginess. But still that didn’t stop her from re-coupling with him again (not that she had much choice in the matter).

3) Muggy Mike steals Olivia from Chris

They may have bickered like an old couple but we really loved Olivia and Chris in the villa. But viewers were left on tenterhooks when their relationship was threatened by Muggy Mike when he arrived on the show a couple of week into series three.

Thick as two planks but incredibly handsome, Mike caught the eyes of the girls in the villa, including Olivia’s, who found it hard not to overtly flirt with him like a dog after a bone.

On the night of the re-coupling, Mike stunned the islanders when he stole Olivia from Chris. While she seemed insensitively happy about the shock choice, Chris was devastated and branded Mike ‘muggy’ for what he did.

Mike was calm about Chris’ anger. “I had a feeling Chris would throw his toys out of the pram a little bit,” he said in the Beach Hut. “I don’t know what he called me, Muggy Mike or something. I don’t really care what he says about me to be honest.

“At the end of the day, he’s clutching at straws, he’s trying obviously to break things up before they start. But I think Olivia’s old enough, she’s wise enough to let it go over her head.”

Later, a worried Chris sat with Mike and told him that he wanted “the best for her because I care about her”, while his love rival called him up on why he had branded him “Muggy Mike”.

By the next re-coupling, Olivia had viewers on the edge of their seats as we waited to find out which of the boys she wanted to be with – the nation was thrilled when she chose Chris.

4) Jonny doing the dirty on Camilla

After a slow start, the nation fell in love with prim and proper Camilla. Unlike most reality babes, she wasn’t all about cracking on with the first hunk she saw. She was the kind of girl who wanted to take things slowly.

When she met Jonny, there was a spark and over time she gradually developed strong feelings for him as he did for her. But just as everything was running smoothly, the Love Island producers threw a spanner in the works by sending in Tyla, a golden tanned vixen with the look of a smilier Posh Beckham.

Jonny was smitten, and so was she! “I quite like Jonny, he’s a very good-looking guy,” Tyla revealed in the beach hut. “Most of the guys in here are very good looking. Jonny said he went on a date with Camilla yesterday and that it went really well, but he didn’t say much else. I should probe him, get it out!”

But things got even more dramatic when she was told that she would have first pick at the re-coupling. Unsurprisingly she chose Jonny, asking him, “Jonny, do you mind?” to which he replied, “No, I don’t mind, of course not.”

As she watched them go on their date, a crestfallen Camilla was immediately worried, confiding in the girls, “She is absolutely gorgeous. She’s tall, she’s got dark hair, tanned skin, I think she’s probably exactly Jonny’s type, so I’m trying really hard because jealousy is such a pointless emotion, it’s only going to be damaging to be me, but of course I’m a little bit like ‘OK’.

Eventually Jonny dumped Camilla, leaving her heartbroken. But in act of true mugginess, Jonny then went off and snogged Tyla for the first time. What an idiot.

5) Georgia steals Kem from Amber

Bearing in mind Georgia had been back in Blighty watching the first few weeks of Love Island before she actually appeared on the show, she should have known that Kem and Amber were pretty tight, give or take the odd spat.

So when she arrived on re-coupling night and was forced into choosing a guy, you’d think she might have chosen wisely. Of course she didn’t – this is reality TV after all. Instead of picking someone like Theo, who had no ties in the villa, she told the assembled group that as a new person she wasn’t going to play it safe before announcing that she wanted to couple with Kem. Amber was suitably horrified, pulling a startled face that became an instant meme and stormed off saying “if anyone’s a bellend, it’s you babe!”

Afterwards Amber said: “I’m speechless, I don’t know what to say!” Tyla chipped in said: “She’s a dickhead. She could have picked Jamie and Theo knowing that they had nothing going on.”

6) Theo nabs Tyla from Jonny

Anyone who had been watching the show at home would have known that Jonny and Tyla were a pretty tight ‘thing’. So when Theo entered the villa, he knew that he really should play it carefully. But Theo, it emerged, was as mischievous as he was gorgeous and displayed a penchant for rubbing people up the wrong way.

With a re-coupling in the offing, the lanky lothario told Montana that he was considering choosing her to be his partner, to which she said she’d be happy to cool things with Alex so she could test their relationship (READ: she wanted to have her cake and eat it!). However, when he said he’d easily get her in the real world, Montana lost interest and called him a cocky twat!

Next he set his sights on Jonny’s girl Tyla but she was adamant that she was happy with villa winker Jonny. When Big J heard about Theo’s sneakiness they had a massive row and told him in no uncertain terms: “If you’re gonna go and swoop in on someone else’s bird, you should really have the balls to be a man and tell the other guy what you’re up to.” Now you’d think that’d be warning enough for Theo to keep clear of Tyla. But no.

On recoupling night the rotter snatched Tyla out of Jonny’s arms, leaving Jonny to couple -up platonically with ‘single’ Amber and him branding Theo, to the amusement of Amber and the villa-mates, a “massive bellend”.

7) Terry hooks up with Emma after Malin leaves the villa

Way back in series two Malin and Terry were one of the hottest couples in the villa. They had secured their place in Love Island history by getting jiggy under the bed covers while their villa mates looked on. Viewers were convinced they’d last the series.

But when Malin was evicted midway through everyone was shocked. At first, a loved up Terry said that he wanted to leave with her. But then after about five minutes of thought, he decided against it but promised her that he would stay true to her until they were reunited.

However, a couple of days later new girl Emma rocked up to the villa and turned Terry’s head. Terry told his mates that he wasn’t missing Malin and ended up kissing Emma on their date. What he didn’t know was that Malin was watching the scenes back home in England, which viewers saw for themselves on spin-off show Love Island Heading Home.

In a later episode, Malin returned to Spain and took Terry to task for hooking up with Emma and branded him a “cheat”. Although she said that she thought she had left the villa as part of an official couple, he maintained that his remaining days in the villa were a test for him and decided that he didn’t think their relationship was going to work after all.

8) Sophie tells Katie she’s not interested in a relationship

When bisexual Katie arrived in the villa half way through series two, we wondered who would she couple up with as she had so many boys and girls to choose from. But when she heard that Katie had previously had a relationship with a woman, she reckoned there was definitely an avenue there she could pursue. And when the girls told her that Sophie had actually said she thought she was her type, Katie was immediately smitten.

As their close friendship developed, the girls enjoyed a kiss on a date and Katie, encouraged by this, chose Sophie at the next re-coupling. But even though Sophie had shown her all the signs of interest, she suddenly made it clear that she wasn’t actually interested in her romantically after all. Katie was distraught and upset but eventually got over it and went on to hook up with Adam, while Sophie quit the show because of all the drama.

9) Kady accidentally spills a drink on Malia who then kicks off

In series two Kady was beside herself with fear when boyfriend Scott was paired up with newcomer Malia on a date. When the pair returned to the villa, Kady became even more peeved when Scott refused to catch her eye. She told Scott she wasn’t jealous, but from the way she was screeching at him, it was clear that she was green-eyed with envy.

After Scott finally managed to calm her down, Kady joined Malia and the girls on the bench to get to know each other a little better. But as they chatted away Kady, er, accidentally dropped her drink on Malia’s leg. A sodden Malia immediately saw red and accused her of doing it on purpose but Kady maintained it was simply a mistake.

Malia wasn’t having any of it and jumped to her feet and started screaming the place down. With Kady screeching back at her, Malia’s temper flared and she shoved Kady away. As the fight escalated Zara waded in to split them up before Muggy Malia was escorted from the villa.

10) Bethany tells Jess the brutal truth

When Bethany arrived in the villa half way through series one, she wanted to make sure she had something on some of the housemates and got super muggy. Obviously having seen a lot of the episodes of the show back home she took great pleasure in telling the villa-mates what she thought of popular Jess.”The only reason she is in her is for the money,” she told anyone who ‘d listen. “On TV it showed her flirting with ever guy in here it was so embarrassing.”

Of course, the gossips in the villa told Jess that Bethany had a problem with her and all hell was let loose. Cue a massive confrontation between Bethany and Jess, during which she told her to her face that she knew she was in the house for all the wrong reasons.

11) Travis declares his feelings for Lauren but asks Jess on a date

In series one, newbie hunk Travis caused havoc when he was very sharing with his affection around the villa. No sooner had he arrived and he was telling Lauren that he really liked her. So when he received a text about having to choose a girl to take on a date it seemed pretty obvious who he’d choose – Lauren, right? Well, actually no.

The Mug Master had other plans and asked villa-mate Jess if she’d like to go on a date, saying: “I’ve got to pick a date for this morning… it’s a toss up between you and Lauren but I would rather go with you if you’re happy to do it? Obviously I’m more attracted to you.”

Jess admitted she was flattered by his offer but had previously noted that he had shown signs that he was into Lauren and said: “You seem like a cool guy but obviously I’ve been cracking on with Max and I feel like if I go on a date it’s just going to f**k it all… and I don’t really want to do that right now.”

Unfazed, Travis coolly approached Lauren and asked her on a date instead who happily agreed. However, when resident gossip Jon told her that “he asked Jess first, promise you, 100% serious… go and ask Jess”, she was heartbroken.

A confused Lauren then headed into the beach hut saying: “I’ve just found out that Travis asked Jess before me, which has pissed me off.”

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