12 Takes on Annecy 2018

ANNECY, France —  France’s Annecy Festival, the world’s biggest animation meet, opens its doors June 11. Here are 12 takes on this year’s edition, and the state of the animation business:


This will be the largest Annecy Intl. Animation Film Festival ever. One week out, accreditations for its Intl. Animation Film Market (MIFA) were tracking 16% up vs. 2017, at 3,500. That’s the biggest attendance, and the biggest’s growth in attendance, on record, said MIFA head Mikaël Marin. Total Annecy attendance – festival guests, students and MIFA participants – was 10% up on last year’s 10,000, another historical record. Quaint, fairy-tale-like town it may be. But in numbers, Annecy is not much smaller than, say, MipTV, thanks of course to a much larger festival.


So what else is new? Annecy has grown every single year since at least the turn of the decade, said Marin. Various animation biz fundamentals are in play: Bullish government support, at least to date, for animation in key established (France) and emerging (Brazil) markets; China’s transformation from service industry to distribution and co-production and investment power; the festival’s outreach to Japan; Netflix and other digital platforms’ galvanization of exports and production; the perception that animation, or family entertainment, remains one of the most resilient of cinema theater-going experiences; the bullish move into animation of near all Hollywood studios.


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