13 Reasons Why's Hannah actress will stay with Netflix as she signs up for comics legend Frank Miller's show

Golden Globe nominee Katherine Langford has snatched the lead role in Frank Miller’s upcoming Cursed series.

With the project being developed over at Netflix, this sees Katherine reunite with her 13 Reasons Why streaming service. That phenomenally-successful TV show is currently shooting its third season, although Katherine’s role ended during its sophomore outing.

Frank is known for co-directing Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, but more so his work in the comic book realm.

Titles such as The Dark Knight Returns, Sin City, Batman: Year One and a number of Daredevil entries have solidified him as a unique voice in the industry, but this latest project is a collaboration between himself and writer Tom Wheeler.

Set for publication next year, Wheeler wrote the Cursed book – which the new series is based on –and Frank illustrated it. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cursed will be told through the eyes of Nimue (Langford), a “teenage heroine with a mysterious gift who is destined to become the powerful – and tragic – Lady of the Lake”.

Described as a spin on the King Arthur legend, Cursed will also feature themes not too dissimilar from our own reality; the destruction of the natural world, religious terror, war and courage.

How to Get Away with Murder director Zetna Fuentes is also on board for Cursed‘s first two episodes.

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