17 Things Meghan Markle Does in Her Last Episode of ‘Suits’ Ever

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This post contains spoilers for the season seven Suits episode, “Goodbye.”

That’s it. With Wednesday’s last two season seven episodes of Suits, including the season finale, “Good-Bye,” you’ve officially seen everything Meghan Markle the actress has been in. Mike and Rachel’s rollercoaster of a love story has written its last chapter: they’re moving to Seattle! To run a firm that takes class action cases against Fortune 500 companies because they’re good people! Oh, and they also got married in one of the most beautiful planned-in-less-than-24-hours weddings of all time. Nice job, wedding planner Donna. And well done, Meghan Markle. Below, a list of all the important things Rachel Zane does on her final episode of Suits. Ever. Thanks for the memories!

1. Walks into Mike’s office with confidence and the most stylish pencil skirt. Really gonna miss Rachel’s closet, but thank goodness for Meghan’s closet IRL!

2. Tells Mike she was looking for him within seconds of her arrival. In her first line on her last episode of Suits, she delivers, “Hey. I was looking for you earlier, how’d it go?” Pretty straightforward inquiry.

3. Talks about soil samples with Mike. Don’t get any weird ideas. It’s for a case.

4. Shares a bright idea. “If we can prove they did all that, it’s obstruction,” she tells Mike, with an emphasis on “obstruction.” This is related to the soil samples, which they won’t need if they can prove the case was tampered with.

5. Holds her coat while telling Mike she has some news but “it’s not good.” As Rachel says in this exciting nighttime scene, “I did some checking. Andy Forsyth has been in Seattle in the last year opening his new firm. He had nothing to do with cutting funding for the clinic.” Friends, the foreshadowing in this scene is so real.

6. Loudly flips through paperwork and Post-its. This is how Rachel works, K?

7. Makes sense of how time works. “That doesn’t make any sense. Six weeks is nothing. Something like this doesn’t happen without planning” she says to Mike and Oliver at the office. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t following the conversation. Just know that when it comes to time, Rachel’s your girl.

8. Looks at a laptop in bed. She also leans against a pillow and her headboard.

9. Pitches the idea of moving to Seattle. “We’re young and we don’t have any kids yet. If we’re ever gonna do something like this in our lives, now is the time.”

10. Moves up the wedding. Which was supposed to be six weeks later.

11. Looks at Mike like THIS. I mean, same. Have you ever truly looked into Patrick J. Adams’ beautiful eyes?

12. Hysterically laughs at the idea of getting married sooner rather than later. “I’m so excited!” Meghan will probably say this on her real wedding day, right?

13a. Sits by the window in Donna’s office looking like a million dollars. Bow down everyone, the Duchess is here.

13b. Gives Donna the biggest smile of all time. I mean, Donna is helping her move up a wedding with all the trimmings.

14. Gets married and says her vows with John Legend’s “All of Me” playing in the background. John’s not actually there. This was just the song that was playing on the show during the wedding scene, which was absolutely breathtaking.

15. Tells Mike he is the “strongest man” she’s ever met. Her vows also included this sweet remark: “You’re the husband I’ve always wanted. And I can’t wait to begin our adventure together.”

16. Kisses her new husband. Awww. You guys!

17. Dances and smiles at her new husband. Seriously, this is the closest you’ll get to images of Meghan during her first dance with Harry on May 19. Just replace Mike’s handsome face with Harry’s handsome, bearded face.

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