30 Celebs You Forgot Guest Starred on Nickelodeon Shows

Celebs Who Guest Starred on Nickelodeon Shows

If your favorite celebrity didn’t show up on the Disney Channel at some point, then they definitely showed up on Nickelodeon. It’s just the laws of Hollywood! (And some people, like Ryan Gosling, showed up on both, but Ryan Gosling is special.) Here, a look back at some of the best Nickelodeon cameos you might have forgotten.

Britney has done her fair share of TV appearances — never forget her turn on Jane the Virgin — but one of her best was when she played herself on a 1999 episode of Kenan & Kel. While visiting Hollywood, the titular pair ruined her hair.

Before she was an Instagram master and Gone Girl star, Emily Ratajkowski was Tasha in a 2009 episode of iCarly. Tasha was Gibby’s girlfriend.

That’s right — former Mickey Mouse Club member Ryan Gosling double dipped in the major children’s television networks of the ’90s, appearing on a 1995 episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? titled “The Tale of Station of 109.1.” I assume it was scary but I don’t actually know; I was too much of a wimp for that show.

Prior to her stint on Dark Angel (I can’t be the only person who remembers Dark Angel), Jessica Alba played Jessica in a few episodes of The Secret World of Alex Mack. Jessica was a school nemesis of Alex’s who at one point had a crush on the same guy that Alex did.

Vanessa’s mostly known for her work on the Disney Channel — hello, High School Musical — but she also played a character named Rebecca on one episode of Drake & Josh. She covered for Drake’s lateness at school by telling a teacher that the lunch ladies were fighting.

Before he became Seth Cohen and forever ruined the romantic expectations of an entire generation of women, Adam Brody popped up on The Amanda Show as Greg Brady — yes, the one from The Brady Bunch. It was in segment called “When Bradys Attack,” which was all about what would happen if the Brady Bunch decided to attack passersby for no reason.

Before she was Aria Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars (and also before she was Miranda on Wizards of Waverly Place), Lucy Hale appeared on a 2006 episode of Drake & Josh. She played Hazel, a girl who accompanied Drake to a movie.

Lucy’s fellow Liar Ashley Benson also did time on Nickelodeon, in a 2005 episode of Zoey 101. She played Candice, one half of a couple who Quinn tried to videotape so she could use them for dating advice.

And more Liar for good luck! Janel Parrish, who played diabolical mastermind Mona on PLL, played Sara in a 2006 episode of Zoey 101.

Before he landed the titular role on Dawson’s Creek, James Van Der Beek starred in “Alter Ego,” a 1993 episode of Clarissa Explains It All. He played a badass named — wait for it — Jade, who tried to impress Clarissa at a party.

Though she would go on to star in the Nickelodeon-produced Harriet the Spy (and later Gossip Girl, as the iconic Georgina Sparks), Michelle Trachtenberg’s first brush with Nick fame was in a 1993 episode of Clarissa Explains It All. She played the absolute terror of a child that Clarissa had to babysit one night.

Tina Fey (along with her pal and former coworker Jimmy Fallon) appeared on a 2012 episode of iCarly called “iShock America.” In 2014, Tina said she thought the iCarly series finale was a “gold standard” of series finales.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama made a cameo on the Disney Channel, too, so she couldn’t leave Nickelodeon out in the cold. She played herself on a 2012 episode of iCarly.

Before she was Dr. Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy (and also before she was the principal in The Princess Diaries), Sandra Oh appeared on a 1998 episode of Cousin Skeeter. In case you’ve forgotten, that was the one where everybody was human except Skeeter, who was a puppet.

If you’ve ever had your mind blown by the fact that Walking Dead badass Christian Serratos was also in Twilight, prepare to have it blown again when you find out that she did a 2005 episode of iCarly. Who wasn’t on this show, TBH?

Figure skating legend and commentary queen Tara Lipinski played Ellen in a 2000 episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? (If you’re also shocked that AYAOTD was still on in 2000, please note that it was technically the revival at that point.)

Dylan Minnette will always be Jack’s son from Lost to me, but that’s only because I’ve never gotten past episode two of Thirteen Reasons Why. One of his first TV appearances was on a 2006 episode of Drake & Josh, as an adorable pirate.

The only thing Shaq loves more than playing basketball is playing himself on TV. This is him on a 1998 episode of Cousin Skeeter (yes, the puppet one again).

Now you can catch Randall as the Huang family patriarch on Fresh Off the Boat, but way back in 2008, he popped up in an episode of iCarly as Mr. Palladino.

Liza Weil has been on both Gilmore Girls and How to Get Away With Murder so her TV resume is pretty much set for life, but before that, she did an episode of The Adventures of Pete & Pete. I’m sure in 10 years she’ll be on whatever your favorite show is then, too.

Before she was Emily Thorne on the criminally underrated Revenge, Emily VanCamp appeared in an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? Once again, I have not seen this one and probably never will.

You know Hayden from the worst Star Wars movies, but try to forgive him because he also was in Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and everybody knows that’s the coolest Nickelodeon show that ever aired.

In one of her first TV roles, Friday Night Lights star and Leighton Meester lookalike Minka Kelly appeared in a 2004 episode of Drake & Josh titled “Movie Job.”

Are you at all surprised that Jack Black is on this list? And that his Nickelodeon cameo happened on iCarly? Every single person in the world has been on iCarly.

Kesha played herself in a 2011 episode of Victorious, and judging by this screenshot, it’s clear that Kesha should have been in every single episode of Victorious.

You probably know Shannon from her role as Elsie on Westworld, but did you know she made her acting debut on a 1993 episode of Clarissa Explains It All? Coincidentally, this was also the episode that featured James Van Der Beek.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete had a history of casting “cool to adults” stars throughout its run — Iggy Pop, Michael Stipe, and David Johansen all appeared — but my personal favorite is Blondie lead singer Debbie Harry, who popped up as a neighbor in a 1993 episode of the show.

See previous slide, because here we have Steve Buscemi, hot off the super-violent Reservoir Dogs, appearing in the children’s television show The Adventures of Pete & Pete. The ’90s were wonderful.

You might not recognize Doug Jones when he’s in regular clothes, but you’ve definitely seen him — he’s the fish man from The Shape of Water. But before starring in that Oscar bait (LOL, bait), he appeared on a 1998 episode of Kenan & Kel as a waiter at a restaurant called Pizza Farm.

Though he now appears in critically acclaimed movies and shows like Twin Peaks and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Caleb Landry Jones also did the rounds on Nickelodeon once. He showed up in a 2010 episode of Victorious as “Adorable Guy,” who was called as such because Cat’s makeup made him look adorable instead of scary. I feel like this is still pretty scary, but what do I know?

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