A criminal leader surrounded by idiots!’ Dan Stevens stuns BBCs One Show with Boris rant

The One Show: Dan Stevens jokes about Boris Johnson fine

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Speaking about Starz and Starzplay’s political thriller Gaslit, in which the 1970s Watergate scandal is explored, actor Dan made a brutal comparison to Johnson’s government as he described “ambitious idiots” and a “criminal for a leader” on The One Show. Dan’s jibe came following the prime minister and chancellor Rishi Sunak being served with fines for breathing lockdown laws amid the Covid pandemic. BBC hosts Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas appeared amused but uncomfortable as the rant took them both by surprise.

Alex opened the interview by explaining: “A new series tells the unknown story of the woman who blew the whistle [on the Watergate scandal] played by Julia Roberts and also stars our lovely Dan here.”

Turning to the 39-year-old, she added: “Now, this is an extraordinary story, Dan.”

As he agreed, Alex asked: “The series you’re doing, what’s the take then on it?”

“Well what you’ve got is a criminal for a leader, who is wrapped in a messy war, embroiled in a stupid scandal and surrounded by ambitious idiots, and really should resign… and, erm,” Dan said.

He then paused and looked mockingly concerned as he continued: “No, I’m sorry that’s the intro to Boris Johnson.

“I’ve just said the intro to Boris Johnson, I’m so sorry,” he feigned as both Alex and Jermaine looked speechless and grinned before Jermaine looked away as he chuckled.

Gasps could be heard around the studio as Dan continued: “No, Gaslit takes an interesting approach to Watergate, you know, it foregrounds a lot of characters that are often swept aside.

“In particular, the character Martha Mitchell, who was married to the attorney general [and is] played by the wonderful Julia Roberts.”

As expected, the actor’s political take sent tongues wagging amongst viewers, many of whom took to social media to comment on the unexpected moment.

Twitter user @Eggieatcave wrote: “Dan Stevens on the #TheOneShow firstly wearing the colours of Ukraine, then has a dig at Boris, brilliant, take a bow #partygate.”

@DavidMackayy commented: “Dan Stevens calling Boris Johnson an idiot – we love to see it #theoneshow.”

@Tommy_1972 penned: “Nice to hear Dan Stevens give corrupt Boris Johnson a shout out there #TheOneShow.”

“Dan the man speaks for a nation!!!!! Dan Stevens #Johnsonout,” @77sylvia added.

Others weren’t so amused, however, as @englishjen2 fumed: “#TheOneShow: comment from that Dan guy about Boris nasty and unnecessary.” (sic)

While Jon Torkington fumed: “#TheOneShow Thought the BBC was unbiased reporting, not a platform for privileged lefty luvvy actors. Not a political view – just a view.”

Dan went on to make further digs towards Johnson’s recent scandals.

“Watergate is the original scandal,” he explained, adding: “From which we get Partygate…”

“Which I did not realise,” Alex commented. Dan replied: “It was the OG.”

The upcoming focuses on the untold stories of the notorious American scandal.

Gaslit will be available to watch on Starzplay from April 24.

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