'A Million Little Things': Season 3 Finale Ends on Another Massive Cliffhanger

The A Million Little Things Season 3 Finale is coming soon, and it’s worse than Eddie Saville (David Giuntoli) getting struck by that truck. A Million Little Things Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger that no one saw coming. However, show creator DJ Nash teased that the upcoming finale is even more shocking.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from A Million Little Things Season 3.]

‘A Million Little Things’ Season 3 recap

When the A Million Little Things cast returned for season 3, they supported Eddie after the hit-and-run. Even Delilah Dixon (Stephanie Szostak) helped Eddie and his wife, Catherine (Grace Park), at the hospital. When he finally came home, the close-knit group of friends attended Eddie and Catherine’s vow renewal.

However, many things changed leading up to the A Million Little Things Season 3 finale. Catherine told Eddie that she wants a divorce. She plans to date Alan Kay (Terry Chen) after meeting with Theo’s (Tristan Byon) therapist and finalizing the divorce.

Regina (Christina Moses) and Rome Howard (Romany Malco) chose to foster a teenager, Tyrell (Adam Swain). The young man’s mother was deported, and he was living alone. Rome’s dad, Walter Howard (Lou Beatty, Jr.), played a more significant role in the second half of season 3 when he began dating another widow, Florence (Karen Robinson). Not only did the series tackle COVID-19, but they discussed the death of George Floyd and protested together in the streets.

Gary Mendez (James Roday Rodriguez) and Darcy Cooper’s (Floriana Lima) relationship flourished as they shared more personal things from their past with each other. Delilah ended up stuck in France with her father after he broke his hip and the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world. Gary’s father, Javier Mendez (Paul Rodriguez), visited and helped Danny Dixon (Chance Hurstfield) come out to his friends.

Maggie Bloom (Allison Miller) left for Oxford at the beginning of the season. However, she returned for her cancer screening. Her doctor recommended that she didn’t fly back to Europe because of COVID-19. Her friends-with-benefits roommate from Oxford, Jamie (Chris Geere), joined her briefly in America but then flew back home. Will he return for the A Million Little Things Season 3 finale?

How many more episodes of ‘A Million Little Things’ are there?

A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 13 aired on May 12, 2021. The series has 18 episodes this season, so five more episodes are remaining in 2021. In the next episode of A Million Little Things, “United Front,” Rome continues to help Tyrell find ways to take on the racial issues of America. Meanwhile, Theo finds out that his parents plan to get a divorce. Sophie Dixon (Lizzy Greene) returns from visiting her mother in France and attempts to navigate her feelings about her music teacher (Andrew Leeds). In A Million Little Things Season 3, Episode 14, Maggie helps Sophie open up and realize that it wasn’t her fault.

When is the ‘A Million Little Things’ Season 3 finale?

According to IMDb, The two-hour A Million Little Things Season 3 finale airs on June 9, 2021. In a tweet on April 15, show creator DJ Nash gave a teaser about the ending.

“Yesterday, I finished writing the Season 3 finale to @AMillionABC,” Nash wrote on Twitter. “Can’t wait for you all to see it. If you thought Eddie getting hit by a car was a cliffhanger..”

Since viewers had no idea that Eddie would be struck by a car, we can’t predict what the new cliffhanger might be when the A Million Little Things Season 3 finale airs.

‘A Million Little Things’ Season 4 release date

The ABC drama isn’t renewed yet for season 4. However, the A Million Little Things Season 3 finale is a few weeks behind shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19. ABC announced the renewal of both the medical drama and firefighter drama on May 10, only two weeks before the season finales. A Million Little Things Season 3 finale is still weeks away, on June 9.

From what Nash shared with followers, it is evident that he isn’t wrapping up the series. He plans to end season 3 on a cliffhanger, so he believes A Million Little Things Season 4 is coming. If ABC renews the series, it will premiere in September 2021. All A Million Little Things episodes are available for streaming on Hulu.

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