A Place in the Suns Danni Menzies flustered by brutal critique Didnt go to plan

A Place in the Sun: Danni Menzies says ‘that didn’t go to plan’

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Danni Menzies was tasked with finding guests Sal and Mike the perfect property to retire to in the countryside of inland Malaga, Spain, on Friday’s episode of the hit Channel 4 show. But the property expert was left feeling flustered by the couple’s unforgiving critique of her second property. Once the pair left the property, Danni awkwardly told the camera the viewing “did not go to plan”.

Sal, who comes from Iran, and her partner Mike told Danni it was their “life-long dream” to move to Malaga.

However, they had very specific requirements the property expert would need to meet in order for them to put in any offers.

They told Danni they were adrenaline junkies who wanted a home with room to store their motorbikes as well as an area to land their plane.

They also wanted the home to include fruit trees, outbuildings and a place for a donkey to live.

The guests said the first house Danni showed them around was a contender, but they were disappointed it was lacking fruit trees or a place to store their motorbikes.

Danni hoped the second property she picked out for them would tick more boxes, but she was left stunned by Sal and Mike’s harsh criticism.

After taking a look around the property Mike said: “I don’t think the house works, I don’t think the size of the house works, and I don’t think the land works.

“There is too much in the land for us.”

Danni replied: “So the two big things I need to work on are the space in the house and the space around the house?

“Will that get us all back on track?”

Mike interrupted the host to remind her that he also wanted “a few outbuildings” included within their £140,000 budget too.

A flustered Danni began to wave her arms as she sarcastically replied: “Oh right! I shouldn’t forget the outbuildings and the pool.”

Danni tried to reassure herself that she would be able to find the perfect property for the couple and said: “We are going to do it – come on, Danni.”

She eventually regained composure and asked “Shall we head off? Have you seen enough of this one?”

As the couple walked away from the property Danni awkwardly turned to the camera and said: “Right, that did not go to plan.”

Would she be able to impress Sal and Mike with any of the remaining three properties in Malaga?

After exploring all five properties Danni selected, the couple had a lot of thinking to do as they both liked different homes.

The following day Sal admitted she was “still in love” with the first property, but Mike thought there was a “bit too much work to do on the outside”.

In the end, the couple explained to Danni that none of the properties hit the mark and said they would continue hunting for their ideal home together.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm. 

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