Adil Ray leaves GMB livid as he ‘rudely’ insults Charlotte Hawkins’ dress on air

Good Morning Britain viewers were not happy as presenter Adil Ray made fun of his co-host Charlotte Hawkins on the show today.

As the pair presented together, Adil turned to Charlotte and asked her if she had nicked her outfit, as he asked: "That dress, is it borrowed or did you shoplift it?"

A confused Charlotte asked: "What do you mean?"

Adil replied: "Well you've still got the security tags there on the top, there you go," as the camera zoomed in on Charlotte's shoulders.

Charlotte said: "They're buttons, that's the style these days, do you think they look like security tags?"

Adil joked: "You go into River Island today and walk out the shop, the alarms will go off like…" as he imitated an alarm.

Charlotte looked crestfallen as she said: "And Alex has already told me I've come like the GMB carpet, does anyone else want to chip in about my outfit today?"

Speaking from the weather desk, Alex said: "When I look at you, I just see your head because of the carpet, the dress, and the wall behind you."

"Best floating head I've seen yet though."

Viewers of the show weren't happy with Adil's comments, as they took to social media to complain about his "rude" comments.

One wrote: "Adil, you are so rude for speaking to Charlotte in that way. Shoplifting her dress !!

"How dare you belittle someone and show them up live on air. An Apology is needed!"

Another added: "God Adil is getting away with murder with the things he is saying about Andi Christine and Charlotte this morning."

A third chipped in: "Adil Ray this morning was borderline bullying Charlotte at the beginning of the show. Banter is fine but prolonged belittling is not necessary."

But a fourth said: "Your dress is lovely Charlotte but Adil and Alex just made me laugh."

GMB continues tomorrow at 6am on ITV.

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