After Life season 3: Ricky Gervais almost axed key Lenny scene ‘Thought it might not work’

Ricky Gervais in stitches at raspberry scene in After Life blooper

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Tony (played by Ricky Gervais) returned to Netflix for the final time in After Life season three as fans eagerly anticipated to see how his grief-stricken story came to a close. Over the course of six episodes, fans were once more left in hysterics and simultaneous tears as Gervais intertwined the hard-hitting low points of Tony’s life without wife Lisa (Kerry Godliman) with the hilarious antics of the residents of Tambury. 

And one such resident who’s proven to be one of the most popular characters of the series is Tony’s pal and Tambury Gazette colleague, Lenny (Tony Way).

Lenny and Tony’s friendship was undoubtedly one of the highlights of not just season three, but the entire series as a whole. 

But there’s one scene in particular from season three which will live long in the minds of After Life fans when Tony hilariously blew raspberries on Lenny’s stomach. 

The scene in question came as Lenny and Tony were chatting in a cafe only for the easily irritated Tony to find himself irked by a nearby “hipster” dad and baby.

With the father loudly speaking babyish and trying to entertain his son, Tony soon kicked off, blasting him for being so loud in a public space.

Of course, Tony reacted with his typical dry humour and sarcastically began speaking to Lenny in the same way before lifting his top and blowing into his tummy. 

But discussing the final series, Golden Globe-winner Gervais has now admitted he had doubts about the scene for fears it wouldn’t work.

“I’d written that scene, and that was an afterthought,” he said of the raspberry blowing. “I even thought it might not work, it might be too mad for this, too out there.”

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He continued to Empire: “I thought we’d do it anyway, we’d do one with it and one without. 

“What you’ve got to remember is, when I do that, that’s not one take. I’ve then got to do it from every angle, 15 different times.”

Gervais went on to joke it wasn’t great for co-star Way either.

But explaining why he decided to keep it in, he said: “It did make me laugh. And why I went with it, even though it seems sort of a bit mad, was that this situation obviously made Tony so angry.

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“And when people are angry they sometimes do funny things, because they’re not in control.”

After Life fans will undoubtedly be pleased with Gervais’ decision to keep the scene in the show despite his doubts.

However, judging by the newly released season three bloopers, shooting of the moment didn’t come without its complications – albeit hilarious complications.

In one blooper, Tony says to the dad: “Well, he’s not the one making all the noise, is he? You are.”

But the tone of Gervais’ voice and pointing action prompted Way to burst into laughter and the scene was derailed.

And this wasn’t the only blooper from the scene as Gervais found one raspberry blow went a bit awry.

After blowing on Way’s stomach, Gervais sat back up to wipe his lips after his co-star had put on a rather bad-tasting fragrance.

“You’ve got a little bit of aftershave on, ain’t you?” Gervais said to Way before the pair once more burst into laughter.

After Life seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix now. 

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