After Naked Attraction's rudest episode yet, we revisit the show's best moments – from randy OAPs to fainting virgins

THE show is not for the prim and proper – but you can always guarantee Naked Attraction will get fans talking.

In last night’s episode of the show, nude suitor Luke cracked out a poetic one liner to chat up picker Deanne. 

He quipped on the Channel 4 show: "I would wine ya and dine ya and 69 you."

His comment left Deanne laughing in shock but cost him a date as she picked another bloke. 

But it’s not the first time a contestant caused a stir on the saucy show. 

From terrified virgins to overexcited contestants, we pick out Naked Attraction’s most memorable moments. 


Naked Attraction host lost for words as contestant reveals nightmare sex blunder

Married Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is desperate to go on Naked Attraction

Virgin passes out 

Brian, 23, admitted to his fear of sex to host Anna Richardson when appearing on this show. 

He told host Anna Richardson: "I’ve always wondered what’s wrong with me. I had half a lap dance, but avoided looking at the bottom part."

As the ladies’ lady gardens were revealed, Brian appeared to grimace. 

Anna Richardson asked Brian: "You look like you’re about to faint?",

He replied: "I need a moment."

The contestant could then be heard off-screen saying the reveal was a bit too much to handle.

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He said: "It is overwhelming, perhaps in a good way. I needed this, but it just needs to sink in."

Brian ended up picking Georgie after she complimented him on his balls. 

Child star’s tantrum 

Former child genius Lauren Harries went on the show in 2019 and furiously walked off. 

The ex antiques expert who was seeking a singleton’s affection, was shown naked from the toes up.

However, she was rejected by picker Rigby due to her age.

He explained: "I am looking for someone to be with permanently and I just think you might be a little bit too old for me."

Lauren threw a hissy fit before storming off the set.

She said: “You will be slapping yourself when you know who I am."

Church-going Judith's hymn singing

Randy churchgoer Judith, 57, shocked her fellow parishioners when she appeared on the controversial show in 2019.

The contestant, from Warwickshire, treated her potential love interests to a rendition of the hymn The Lord Is My Shepherd.

She then offered them a cake she had baked ahead of her appearance.

Judith said:"I've not been lucky in love. Two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was very scary. And now I'm ready to embrace life in full.

"Naked Attraction I need your help. Adam and Eve found love in the garden of Eden, and they were naked, so now it's my turn!"

Her date Doug, 51, ghosted her after six weeks of dating.

First date fall outs

Taunton taxi driver Andy Snook, 62, bared all to win a date with 43-year-old admin clerk Cathy. 

Their first date seemed to go well but they had apparently fallen out since seeing each other. 

Producers quizzed them in an awkward segment at the end of the show. 

Cathy told the show she felt Andy was making excuses not to see her during their reunion interview.

Soon they started bickering and Cathy branded Andy an 'idiot' and a 'liar'.

Too hot to handle

Although it never made it to our screens, host Anna Richardson told the Andy Jaye Podcast how one contender had to leave the set after becoming too aroused. 

She said: "We did have a couple of seasons ago, there was a young man who I think might have been in the pink pod and he was getting a little bit excited about what was about to happen.

"So our lovely floor manager, Dave the floor manager, had to go “come on” and just had to escort him off the floor for a little while, just to calm down.

"And then he was brought back onto set."

Breaking the stigma

Viewers were touched when HIV positive contestant Pablo went on the show to educate people about the virus. 

He said: "I find that it's difficult to meet people. I like to be open about people. When you bring that up, it kills things off. There's a lot of fear out there.

"It's perfectly fine to date someone who is HIV positive, to have sex with someone who is HIV positive. 

“This is a good way to have it all in the open even before they see me."

Pablo went on a date with admin assistant Matt who he agreed to meet up again. 

Viewers took to Twitter to describe the episode as “powerful”. 

Host Anna said: “It’s educational to get rid of those stigmas."

Love at first sight

It’s not often contestants find lasting love but two are now planning their wedding. 

Beautician Gemma Warren, now 27, from Brighton and Hove, picked James North, 31, from Essex, for a date in 2017. 

They met up and five years later are still together and in love. 

Mum-of-two Gemma said: “When I applied I didn't expect to find someone that I would want to marry and settle down with. He's my soulmate.”

Although they don’t live together they are planning to move in one day. 

Host Anna said at the time: “I think you two make a really lovely couple, I really do. 

“Seeing the smiles on your faces I think you're going to have an amazing date.”

Keen contestants

One nude contestant had Anna Richardson reeling after he tried to land a smacker on her. 

Karaoke presenter Danny was sent home by picker Sophie in the very first round. 

As he went to leave he very awkwardly went to give Anna a peck on the cheek. 

But as he lunged in a shocked Anna leant back in horror. 

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After she realised what was going on she said “oh come on in”. 

Sophie tittered as Danny walked away with Anna quipping:  “Could tell he was a very good kisser.”

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